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Top 4 reasons why Dave Grohl is better than you

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Dave Grohl
Here Dave Grohl is playing drums way better than you ever will. Seriously.

Hey, you.

Yes, you there fellow music fan.

I’ve gathered you here today to force you to agree with me that when it comes to living today, Dave Grohl does it the best.

And even though just telling you should be enough proof, I’m going to give you some real facts anyhow, because today really feels like a Dave Grohl kind of day, does it not?

Thusly, here is a mighty list of 4 reasons why Dave Grohl is better at life than you.

4) Dave performs a fantastic “cover” of Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open”

Only Dave Grohl could basically call out Scott Stapp for being a douche, which he most certainly is, by covering one of his craptacular songs in such an over-the-top way. I credit this video with turning Creed into a group of has-beens. Thank you Dave!

3) Dave gives an inspiring keynote address at the 2013 SXSW Festival

Dave starts by talking about his parents, and then the Boss. It only gets better from there.  He then goes into how at 12 he taught himself how to record guitars and drums by himself on his old home stereo and tape recorder tandem, which he demonstrates on stage.

The whole thing is authentic, hilarious and enlightening. If you have an hour to burn, definitely check out the whole thing!

2) Dave covers Wings’ “Band on the Run” at the White House and doesn’t suck

Not only does he play in front of the President, he plays it in front of Sir Paul McCartney himself. Almost any other human in that situation would die of nerves and/or embarrassment. And yeah, he starts a LITTLE rocky, but overall Dave pulls it off because he’s amazing. Dave also recorded a song with Sir Paul that’s also incredible. Are you sensing a theme here, by chance?

2) Dave has a new HBO series that looks fantastic

Basically almost anything I post here about Dave Grohl is going to be effing wonderful because that’s how Dave rolls.

So, with that, here’s a teaser of his new TV series that’s going to run on HBO. Only Dave can make something incredible before it’s even out yet.

And you might say to yourself, “But Jake, what if it isn’t amazing?”

If you said that I’d tell you to shut up, because we all know that’s impossible. Now go say your 300 Hail Dave’s silently in the corner.

This series, Sonic Highways, looks interesting. Dave records in studios all across the country and ties his experiences together in some unique, original way. I wonder if he recorded in Montana, and if so, where he went. Might be a story begging to be written, perhaps??

And, finally, the No. 1 reason why Dave Grohl is amazing

1) Dave can play the drums like nobody’s business. 

This video is proof positive of that. Watch it all and you’ll have a hard time arguing it. He might not be THE best as Kurt Cobain might have thought, but he’s in the discussion. He’s got skills. Mad skills, and someday I’ll hopefully get to see him behind the kit.

God willing.





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