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Listing my most favorite YouTube channels

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If you’re anything like me, you consume sometimes unhealthy amounts of YouTube videos. It’s just always there, waiting to be watched and enjoyed.

Seeing as it’s 12:21 a.m. and I’m unable to sleep, I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite YouTube channels.

So, without further ado:

1) My Drunk Kitchen

This really is a wonderful idea that is implemented wonderfully. You get a girl, she gets some of her favorite alcohol, and she starts cooking. Then watch as the magic happens.

Hannah Hart is now what you would consider a YouTube Celebrity, and clearly she has crossover appeal into the mainstream.

I mean, Mary Louise Parker is in the above video with her for god’s sake. Oh and as an aside, how awesome is MLP? I loved Weeds, even when it started getting stupid, because she’s amazing. One of my favorite actresses ever!!

Anyhow, while I haven’t seen all of the new My Drunk Kitchen episodes, I love the early ones. It’s not that the later ones have gotten worse, it’s just I have been watching other things more lately, but it’s good knowing this is still a thing and something that I will be watching more of soon!

2) Continue?

(mild profanity)

So, while I still need to catch up on the newest episodes of My Drunk Kitchen, these guys are appointment watching for me.

The premise is that three guys, Paul, Josh and Nick, sit and play retro video games. It’s not a Let’s Play and it’s not a review, but it’s more of a, “let’s get a feel of the game and if we’d keep playing it or not” kind of thing, except, they’ve really expanded beyond that idea and it’s now become more almost a Mystery Science Theater 3000 type show but instead of watching bad movies, they play mostly bad video games.

All three of them crack me up in almost every video. They’re inventive, sarcastic, and laid-back. The video I posted, is one of their best ones in my opinion, but watch it and see for yourself. They also have their own website, normalboots.com, where they post videos along with some other video game related internet characters such as the Completionist and Peanut Butter Gamer. If you’re into funny commentary, MST3K and/or video game videos, check these guys out.

3) Crash Course

Conversely, when I’m feeling the need to find something educational on YouTube, I turn to these guys, John and Hank Green, and their impressively thorough Crash Course.

If you have any knowledge of YouTube personalities, you’ll recognize these guys from their other channel the VlogBrothers. With Crash Course, though, they make from 10 to 20 minute videos about all sorts of educational topics. Be it Hamlet, Capitolism, the French Revolution, the Sixties, Ancient Egypt, the poetry of Langston Hughes, and more.

It’s quite impressive, and they both bring a wit and charm where you don’t feel like you’re being lectured to, but more you’re going on a ride with a couple of smart guys, and who knows, you might learn something useful. I happen to prefer John over Hank, but Hank’s videos are just as dense and rich with content, so it’s not like one is better than the other.

4) KEXP (Listener supported radio out of Seattle)

Ahhh KEXP, how I love thee.

The music on this channel has to be some of the best anywhere, especially if you’re into independent musicians. The great thing about this site, I’ve found, too, is that you’ll see a band doing a live set here waaaay before anywhere else.

Sure, they have some popular acts such as Macklemore, Florence and the Machine or the Arctic Monkeys, but the real heart of the channel is in the practically unknown musicians (to the general public at least.) Bands like Lake Street Dive, The Rose Windows, Nikki Lane, The Orwells, and Horray for the Riff Raff, just to name a few.

Every tIme I watch a KEXP video, I long to be in Seattle sipping on a latte listening to any number of these amazing bands they bring into their studio.

5) Jash

Do you like comedy? Chances are you’ll find something to love at the Jash channel.

The idea is that a group of well known comics such as Great Falls’ own Reggie Watts, Sarah Silverman, Tim and Eric and Michael Sera post videos with exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of my favorite videos on the Jash channel lately have been the Teach series with Reggie Watts playing a different crazy teacher, which I’m almost positive is all improvised. It has a catchy theme song, a solid premise and clever material.

Tim and Eric’s “Dr. Wareheim,” too, is strangely hilarious. If you’ve seen any of Tim and Eric’s stuff, you’ll kind of know what to expect. It’s honestly a little too gross-out for me sometimes, but it’s always funny and unique.

6) A.V. Undercover

This channel has all sorts of things to like about it.

The Onion A.V. Club, which you should really go and check out right now if you never have before, in 2012, I believe, started inviting guest artists in to their small room to play a set of songs. But, they had to pick an artist to cover. Once the artist was chosen, it was crossed off the list. The more artists that get crossed off the list, the fewer there was to choose from.

The best video in the series, in my opinion, has to be Bob Mould covering a Sugar song, a band he started in the early 90s.  These videos are one of those that you catch yourself watching one or two, and before long you notice that you’ve watched all of them. It’s an interesting premise, and even if the band covering the song kind of sucks. (There are some sucky covers, but it’s still fun to watch.) I’m not sure if they’re doing new episodes anymore, which is a real shame if that’s true, but some awesome ones to watch include Reggie Watts covering Van Halen and the Punch Brothers covering the Cars.

Do you have any favorite YouTube channels? Leave me a comment and tell me what they are! 🙂

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