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Scott Bradlee makes Saturday Morning Cartoon songs hip and modern

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what would be cool? Taking old Saturday morning cartoon theme songs and turning them into hot contemporary songs”?

No? Well, me either, but after watching this group called Scott Bradlee make it look fresh, fun and easy, I sort of wish I did.

If you’ve got a few minutes before heading back to work on Monday, do yourself a favor and check out these videos.

Here they are turning the “My Little Pony” theme song into a hip hop slow jam that’s a little jazzy with a touch of Broadway sound to it.

What makes these guys interesting, I think, is how they take cheesy kids’ song and transform them into kickin’ jams that keep the spirit of the original songs intact.

Their take on “Darkwing Duck,” is fun and sexy, too, as you can see for yourself:

Then here’s one more cool one. Does anyone remember the old “Gummy Bears” cartoon? I used to love me some Gummy Bears. They somehow turn this

into this

Pure genius. Don’t you agree?

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