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Opinion: Can we please start taking back control of our geekdom now?

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What's the big deal with this photo? Am I missing something here? It's Ben Affleck in a Batman mask. Yawn
What’s the big deal with this photo? Am I missing something here? It’s Ben Affleck in a Batman mask. Yawn

Now if you know me, you know I love superheroes, be it movies, video games, merchandise, whatever. I love me some Batman, Superman, the Avengers, Iron Man, all the way down to the lesser-known superheroes such as Ant Man, Captain Marvel and The Rocketeer (even though it royally sucked, I still loved it when I first saw it.)

Here’s the thing though, our society’s geekdom over these intellectual properties has gotten way out of hand.

The perfect example comes today with news that Zack Snyder, director of the new “Batman V Superman: The Court Appointed Battle of the Ninth Circuit of Appeals” or whatever it is they’re calling it, released a new image of Batfleck (Ben Affleck’s Batman for the uninitiated.)

But see, if you really look at it, it’s not much of an image at all. It’s a guy’s head in a Batman suit, and yet it has everyone talking. It’s trending on Facebook and Twitter and people are commenting about how “gritty” or “intense” he looks in the suit.

Really? All I see is a guy looking down wearing the new Batman face mask. That’s it. And what, exactly, is there to get so excited about, Internet? You tell me.

Then, moving on, let’s look at this year’s Comic Con International.

Earlier this year I had considered possibly going to see what all the hubbub is about. That was until I realized that A) It’s super expensive, and B) You have to sign up nearly a year in advance to get a pass to go.

Then, just last week I was watching this video from The Game Theorists. Which, if you’re into video games, check out their channel here.

Here’s that very video:

It boggles my mind that people are waiting in line upwards of 20 hours just to get into the venue. Then there’s more waiting to get into the hall to basically be sold what the latest Hollywood Machine is cranking out. And yeah, I agree that it’s some cool stuff. I’m just as much a comic book freak as the next person, but my issue is this.

Our overbearing fandom is harming everyone who shares in our passions.

And, here’s why.

The people in charge of the brigade to feed fans the movies/comic books/video games/apparel/whatever that fans so desperately want, are taking advantage of us.

Want to know why it costs $45 for that Nightwing Statue, or $32 for that replica Captain America shield/frisbee? It’s because the people who create these things know they can get away with it. They’ve got us hook, line and sinker.

Which brings me back to Comic Con.

You know what I’ve done the past three years instead of trying to find a way to go to San Diego? I wait a week and watch as all of the so-called “exclusive” guest panels are found on YouTube or some other streaming video service. Most of the time I can find the complete panels within days. Without the wait or the cost. And you want to know why?

Because it’s great promotion for these companies to advertise their latest endeavors not only at the Con, but all over online, as well.

And granted, if I was into cosplay and sharing my passion with the community around me, then I’d be more into attending Comic Con. That’s the real draw for me. You’re sharing what you love with other people who love it just as much.

But, for the love of god, could we be a little less stupid about it?

Because, whether you know it or not, we’re in charge. We make the new “Batman V Superman: The Surpreme Court Trial of Gotham’s Greatest”  a success or failure. We make what happens at any and all conventions a success or failure. We hold the power. It just seems like at times we seem to forget that when the shiniest toy is rolled out and great acclaim is dumped on it without any questions asked.

That’s the real problem, and one that slowly chips away at our control over the things we cherish so very much.

Let’s not continue letting that happen, please?


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