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Magician Evan Disney performs in Choteau

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By Jake Sorich

Magician Evan Disney comes to Choteau next Wednesday riding a recent wave of success which has seen him performing in front of celebrities in Las Vegas, as well as helping out nonprofit organizations in Montana raise money for charitable causes.

Disney also has a new trick he’s never performed in Montana before which he’ll be unveiling. The performance starts at 7 p.m. in the Choteau High School auditorium. Money raised from the performance will go toward the Opportunities For All Scholarship. He also will give three classes beforehand to students and adults covering how to get into performing magic.

Missoula-based magician Evan Disney performs in Choteau next Wednesday
Missoula-based magician Evan Disney performs in Choteau next Wednesday

Disney said he’s particularly excited to perform his latest trick, which he’s already done once at the Red Rocks Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

“It’s an illusion I put together that has all the elements you want in a good magic trick,” he said. “It has a decent story, a good couple of volunteers and you throw knife a in there and it becomes interesting.”

A Missoula native, Disney has been a touring magician for more than 15 years.

In addition to the Red Rocks Resort, he has performed at the Chrome Showroom in Las Vegas, the T-Spot Lounge at the Tuscany in Las Vegas and the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando.

He also has performed for stars including Randy Couture, mixed martial arts hall-of-famer and former UFC title holder Brian Krause, Abbie Cobb (“Life of a Secret Teenager, “Two and a Half Men,”) Chad Broskey (“The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,”) Owen Benjamin, Bryan Hopkins (“Saved by the Bell,” “Paperback Hero,”) Jared Blake (“The Voice,”) and Danny Spriewald, bass player for Bon Jovi.

Charities he’s worked for include the Watson’s Children Center, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Camp Mak-A-Dream, Make a Wish Foundation, Ani-meals, Families First, March of Dimes, Campfire, Boy Scouts, Loyola Sacred Heart, Missoula School Districts, Missoula’s Children’s Museum, Missoula Public Library, Dress for Success Missoula, Missoula YMCA, Brain Injury Alliance, Family Promise of Missoula, The World Theater and Missoula First Night.

He said what started as a side career performing at birthday parties has quickly become a full-time gig for the master illusionist. He said part of what separates his show from others is that he improvises nearly everything he does.

“As far as magicians go, I’m self trained … and I’ve never given same exact show twice,” he said. “I have an idea what illusions I want to do but it’s all a matter of going in and seeing a crowd and the energy a crowd gives and the energy the people who come in and participate in the show give, too.”

The funnest part of performing, Disney said, is knowing that you can put a smile on anyone’s face at any time.

“What drives me to do magic is the fact that I can take any person and approach them, and take away any of their worries or whatever is on their mind by doing something that totally amazes them and I get to see the amazement on their face.”

Disney also is an acclaimed karaoke singer, as well as being a talented magician.

He is a past winner of the Montana State Championship and competed for the world karaoke title in Las Vegas, where he performed on his third Vegas stage in the matter of six months.

Disney, who said some of his major influences growing up was a high school friend/magician named Drew along with David Copperfield, said he loves helping raise money for community charities and that he can’t wait to help the folks out in Choteau.

“I’m hoping that they make a good profit off me coming in and that’s what everyone hopes for,” he said. “If my show helps benefit their cause,that’s what I like to see. It sounds like Choteau is a pretty connected community so I’m exited to see how this works out for everybody.”

All proceeds for next week’s show go toward Opportunities For All, which provides enrichment scholarships to children and adults in Teton County.

Admission is $10 per adult and $5 for students grades 12 through kindergarten. Preschool children are admitted free.

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