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UPDATE: Hinder show rescheduled; Odds Unfavored still turning heads across the region

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We received word this morning from Tanzer 4 that Tantric will not be able to make it tonight. Here’s the official wording:

Q106 and Tanzer4 Entertainment Regret that:
Due to a severe engine issues, Tantric is forced to cancel Today’s (July 18th, 2014) event at the Hideout Lounge. We are working to reschedule this event for this coming fall. Refunds will be issued at the point of your purchase. If you choose to hold on to your ticket, It will be honored during the future date.
Q106 and Tanzer4 have been working hard to bring the best entertainment to Great Falls, and are looking forward to some amazing events going forward. Please keep listening for more details soon.

Please take note that the article below was written before it was cancelled. Thanks! 🙂


Like the grapes that start tasting better as they ferment in a luscious red wine, or a pair of trusty leather boots that seem to get stronger the more they’re worn, Great Falls thrash metal band Odds Unfavored seems to be improving with age.

And at nearly five years young, it’s hard to predict how high their ceiling might reach.

You can see them opening for Tantric on Friday at the Hideout Lounge along with Exit 406, Kingshifter and Thirion X. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $18 per person. They can be bought online here.

After this show, Odds Unfavored opens for Tantric again in Spokane at The Hop on Sunday.

On top of that, they won an online competition put on by Closingchapter Productions last week.

After receiving more than 300 votes, the Great Falls act earned the right to open for Straight Line Stitch in Butte. They also headlined a metal fest the day before with the other bands who competed. There were nearly 30 bands in the running.

Odds Unfavored features Mike Dayrider on vocals, Jake Hieb and Braxton Kukay on guitar, Shane Wronkowski on bass and Mike Larson on drums.

Hieb said having two chances to open for Tantric is a big feather in their cap because it allows them to get new exposure to people who may have never heard them before.

“(Tantric) is a well known band , and a lot more people are going to see us, plus it’s pretty cool to play for a band you like,” he said.

Kukay said he’s especially looking forward to it because he’s been a fan of their since he was a preteen growing up in Helena.

Tomorrow’s show with Tantric is being promoted by Tanzer 4 and Q106.

Odds Unfavored performs Friday at the Hideout Lounge, opening for Tantric.
Odds Unfavored performs Friday at the Hideout Lounge, opening for Tantric.

Tanzer 4 also tabbed Odds Unfavored to open for Gemini Syndrome last month, which was their first show with the Spokane promotions company.

The guys each said it’s nice working for promoters who take the extra step to make sure they’re mentioned on the radio along with the headliner and that they look out for them and invite them to play more shows and establish that relationship.

Hieb said while many of the people who saw them at the Gemini Syndrome show had never seen them before, too,  most left enjoying what they heard.

“We’ve done tons of shows in Great Falls but probably 10 percent of the people at the Gemini Syndrome show had seen us while the other 90 percent had never seen us before,” Hieb said. “And some of them liked us enough to take off their shirt and put on one of our shirts. That made us feel much better. First impressions are everything.”

Several of the guys said part of what separates them apart from other bands include their stage presence and their broad range of musical influences.

Kukay said his range of influences stretch anywhere from classic rock to heavy metal and anything in between.

“As far as like the music goes, man, I listen to all of it,” he said. “I’ve seen Fleetwood Mac twice in concert and I’ve met and hung out with Lamb of God and Decapitated. I love anything between those two genres just as much. If it’s good it’s good — it doesn’t matter.”

Larson said having Kukay on board, he joined last year, has helped them tighten up their tone, more, as well.

“Just like any band … you want to get that good tone down,” he said. ” Now …  we try different stuff more our stage presence is huge in terms of that.”

Hieb and Dayrider have been performing together for 12 years. Hieb said this group, however, is probably the best he’s ever been associated with.

Finally, Larson said one of the most encouraging things they’ve seen is how their fans have responded both online and in person. He said the fact that they beat out other, bigger bands in the Closingchapter Productions poll is proof positive of that.

” We were beating out bands who have toured with bigger bands more and some who have more than 1,000 likes on Facebook,” he said. “Some people think of Facebook as that lame thing that’s just basically MySpace, but it’s not. It’s really helping us get out there more.”

For more on the band, check them out at Reverbnation here or on Facebook here.


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