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Game of Thrones season 4 finale discussion *Spoilers*

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By Jake Sorich

So, I finally watched the finale of “A Game of Thrones” season 4 last night.

And I wasn’t really surprised at anything, although the feels did come out, especially when Jon Snow was saying his last goodbye to Ygritte.

Granted, I had sort of peeked ahead at what might happen to Tyrion (He’s my favorite character, like 90 percent of America, so I had to make sure he was going to be safe. He was, and I breathed a sigh of relief that they didn’t make a huge change from the books and kill him off.)

I also LOVED the fight scene with the Hound and Brienne of Tarth, even if I was sad to see the Hound die. He was just such an honest, blunt character that you couldn’t help but love him even if he’s a cold-blooded murderer. (As funny as that sounds. But, that’s George R.R. Martin for you. He makes you root for thieves and killers because it’s such a morally ambiguous world.)

I think the storylines I’m most looking forward to next season are finding out what happens with Stannis and the Night’s Watch: Will he take the south by storm, or what’s his motivation for making a stand at Castle Black?

And, how LittleFinger and Sansa Stark start wielding their power. Littlefinger has got to be eyeing the Iron Throne, and now he has the stronghold to push his pieces toward making it happen.

You might argue that he doesn’t really have the strength in numbers to take the throne, but then, if you look at what he’s done thus far, you can’t discount what he’s capable of. He’s had one King killed without anyone knowing it was him. He’s captured the Vale and went right through the Bloody Gate. All without anyone at King’s Landing knowing at all (or so it seems) what he’s up to.

He’s got the element of surprise, which may be the way to go about taking the throne at this point, who knows.

Or, it could all end in a clustermuck with everyone descending on King’s Landing at the same time. If you look at it, Daenerys Targaryen is prepping for a push toward the Iron Throne. Stannis is prepping to make a move. Littlefinger is prepping to make his move. And, who knows what’s going on at Dorn, but I don’t get the sense that the death of Oberyn Martell is going to go down too easily. Someone has to be looking for vengeance, it’s gonna happen. And I have NO idea what’s going on with Bran Stark. He can fly now, apparently? What the hell??

So, needless to say, next season should be fascinating!

I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

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