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Brothers work to pave the Playstation Road to Greatness through Great Falls this summer

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The Greatness Awaits Truck stops through Great Falls next month thanks to the winning entry from Josh and Trevor Hughes. They won an online competition by garnering more than 400 votes.


Follow me for a moment back to when you were a kid playing video games every day after school.

You and your friends knew the Konami Code by heart (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A, Start, Select) you read all of the walkthroughs and tips from Game Informer or Nintendo Power each month. You had beaten nearly every game you ever owned.

Then, one day your parent comes down to the basement and wants to play something with you.
You appreciate the offer, but you know that your mom and/or dad is going to get schooled. And did they ever.

Fast forward to today.

Much like obliterating your dad at Madden NFL Football 88-0, Josh and Trevor Hughes just accomplished something that’s torn right from your childhood days of topping anyone who dared challenge you.
And indeed, the two video game developers not only beat metropolises that are quadruple the size of Great Falls in an online contest, they pwned them. Hard.

Josh and Trevor Hughes. Photo courtesy of Montana Public Radio
Josh and Trevor Hughes. Photo courtesy of Montana Public Radio

And now, after winning Playstation Road to Greatness contest to bring an Electronic Entertainment Expo truck to town, the creators of Team KAIZEN Games will get a huge shot of momentum in their quest to make the Electric City a video game development destination.

The Playstation truck comes to town on Aug. 23. Josh said while the details as of now are sparse, he said people can expect to see new, playable games that have not come out yet for the system, among other things.

“(Sony) has on their website a video of some of what might be here, but I wouldn’t be comfortable telling people what’s going to be there because it changes every few weeks based on announcements and stuff,” Josh said. “But you can see on the website it looks like people are playing games that are coming out either later this year or next year.”

Josh added that a Sony rep will be traveling to town before the truck to determine the best place to stop that can accommodate for the most people.

The other three winners of the contest hail from Davis, Calif., Manchester, New Hampshire and Houston, Texas.
Some of the other places in the running included Cal-Davis, Baltimore, Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Josh said they not only finished on top, they doubled the votes from the rest of the entries. You can check out their winning submission here.

“It said on Facebook that we were at 450 votes … and we know for a fact we were the only entry to break 300 and 400 votes, and there was only one other entry to break 200 votes,” he said. Road to greatness 1

Josh said the vote total was only one part of the equation, with the quality of the pitch being the other. He said Sony representatives loved their video and were impressed by the number of votes they were able to collect.

“They were extremely impressed with our pitch and it was weighted in a way that the public vote only counted so much,” he said. “My personal random theory is that they thought if it was a purely public vote thing, places like LA or New York would have an unfair advantage. But, it turned out to be crazy because a small city in mountain northwest with a population of 50,000 stomped the competition vote wise and they also loved our pitch.”

On the PlayStation Blog, they explain a bit more about what people can expect when the truck rolls through town.

On the Road To Greatness tour, you’ll be able to go hands-on with dozens of new and unreleased PS4 and PS Vita games, compete in daily tournaments, and win awesome PlayStation prizes. Each event will pack its own unique set of surprises, so follow along with @HeyPlayStation on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a beat,” it says. 

One of the things Josh said they’re most looking forward to is being able to show people what they experienced at the E3 Expo this year instead of telling everyone about it. Both Josh and Trevor have attended the expo for the last three years.

“We get to go to E3 every year and people we barely know or don’t know at all would always ask ‘What was it like to go to E3?’ and we feel a tiny bit guilty explaining it to them. But, when we saw the chance to bring an E3 booth to Great Falls, we were like yeah we gotta do this. We thought if we can bring it here and show them, it’s like they got to experience it too. ”

For more information on Team Kaizen, visit their website here.
Keep checking back to Big Sky State Buzz for more details about the Road to Greatness in Great Falls as we get them.

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