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We R The Lost’s ‘Still Lost’ filled with intelligent, edgy songs well worth a listen

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Milwaukee’s raw, organic hip hop crew We R The Lost on their new album “Still Lost,” puts out a set of intelligent, catchy and volatile tracks, each with a distinct personality all it’s own.

The opening track “I’m Spotted,” starts with a jazzy beat, a tight rhyme-scheme, and an intelligent design, even if it’s very short, just over 1-minute.

close up“New Black” drops a layered instrumental track behind the verbal mastermind that is Jon Briggz. His rhyming sounds a bit like Kanye, a bit like Lupe Fiasco, and a touch of Kendrick Lamar mixed in, as well. The song follows a well-worn path heard a lot in today’s hip hop world, but, they do it well, so if you’re a fan of this sound, you’ll love this song.

As an aspiring poet myself, I love that the album features a spoken-word piece, “Gold.” It exhibits a level of thoughtfulness and confidence in one’s lyrical abilities. Not everyone can make just their vocals stand without any music behind them, but, on this track, a short piece about mistakenly seeing your own positive qualities in others, Briggz pulls it off.

“The Times feat. Bill Ro$e” is another favorite worth checking out. The track starts with a sampling of a speech from Martin Luther King Jr., which sets the tone for the seriousness of the track. At it’s heart is a message about racism, unity and brotherhood. It’s a bold track that conveys an important message, something that can be rare in hip hop these days. The only way the track could have improved is perhaps if a call-to-action was more pronounced. Regardless, though, it’s easily the best track on the album.

That song’s in stark contrast to the final track “You Made It” which is largely skippable. It sounds more like Briggz rambling off the top of his head and it’s structure is largely missing and is backed by a mostly-forgettable beat.

The rest of the album, though, has plenty of things to like if you’re a hip hop fan. It’s got that independent spirit with mainstream levels of quality at play throughout and is worth adding to your regular playlist today.

For more on We R The Lost, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.


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On "Still Lost," We R the Lost showcases intelligent lyrics backed by catchy beats that makes for a tight package featuring songs with a unique personality each to their own.
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The rhyming of Jon Briggz is easily the highlight of the album. The most stirring track "The Times feat. Bill Ro$e" is thought-provoking and touches on serious topics such as racism, police brutality and brotherhood.


The album stumbles a bit at the end with a track, " that sounds more like rambling in front of a less-than-impressive beat. It's also a little annoying that Briggz hasn't separated the albums or singles on his SoundCloud page.
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