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Musings after missing the McCartney show

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Last night, as you might know, Paul McCartney played the biggest concert in Montana’s history.

I wasn’t there.

And, that’s OK. Part of me this morning felt bummed that I missed it. That I couldn’t afford to go, that I didn’t plan better to make sure I was in Washington-Grizzly Stadium to hear him perform his three-hour set.

But, that’s life sometimes. There’s thousands of other people who also couldn’t afford to go. I’ve been spoiled over the years getting to see hundreds of shows, a lot of times free of charge. I’m not looking for sympathy, just sharing my thoughts.

And sure, some people are saying this might be the last chance they’ll ever get to see Sir Paul in Montana, but I disagree.

Indeed, he’s 72 years old, and yeah, he might be in the “twilight” of his life, whatever that means, but who’s to say he doesn’t tour until he’s 90? Or, he could catch a disease and die tomorrow. We don’t know. None of us know. I’d surmount that not even Paul knows really for sure, although he probably knows better than anyone else.

People thought when Bill Cosby came here recently that it would be his last time he came to Montana, and he’s since been here what seems like 12 other times now. (It’s actually five other times since coming to Bozeman in 2010, but who’s counting?)

The point being is that anything can happen. Sir Paul could come back, he might not ever come back. He might play a show in Spokane next year that people in this area all work to get on a bus to go see.

I’d be lying if I said part of me didn’t feel a little melancholy after reading the Great Falls Tribune’s review of the show, thinking that could have been me had things worked out differently. Although I doubt it.

All things happen for a reason, and it was never even a certainty that had I stayed at the Tribune I would have had the opportunity to go. Those are the breaks.

So, mostly, I’m here to share how I’m happy for everyone who got to see the show last night. It looks like it was incredible and more-than worth the price of admission.

It warms my heart to know that one of the biggest rock stars ever can come to the Treasure State and have thousands of eager fans waiting for him like he was royalty. Because, in a way he is. He’s rock and roll royalty and someone who deserves to be considered one of the greatest of all time.

If anything, missing the show last night makes me that much more hungry.

So I missed it this time, that means I’ll have to work that much harder, make that many more connections, stay that much more determined to make Big Sky State Buzz the leading art and entertainment website in the state so when Sir Paul returns, and I believe he may, there will be no question about where I will be and who I will be talking to minutes before the show is set to begin.

That’s how I’m looking at this experience. Failure leads to success, even in this case it wasn’t so much failure as bad timing.

If Paul ever reads this, which hey, it could happen, you never know, right?

I say to him — thank you for being who you are and impacting my life, and the lives of millions of music fans across the universe. Thank you for coming to Montana and leaving it all on stage in classic fashion. Don’t ever change and know that one day soon I’ll be knocking on your door, figuratively of course, and I believe that you will answer.

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