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Monks of Mellonwah plays smooth tunes that edge closer to electropop than alternative

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Monks ChicagoThe Monks of Mellonwah new EP “Disconnect” sounds like an album that’s just as at home playing at a swanky nightclub as it is while you’re jamming alone at the gym or doing something else while listening to these breezy tunes in the background.

The point is, whether it’s the main course of your evening, or simply the appetizer, “Disconnect” will leave you satisfied.

The band describes itself as “a dynamic alternative rock quartet,” headquartered in Sydney, Australia. 

That might be a bit of a loose definition, however, as throughout the album you won’t hear too many “traditional” guitar riffs, drum solos or bass licks.

It’s got more of a poppy sounds that’s more akin to the electropunk group Orgy than the alternative rock group Arcade Fire. Both bands have their appealing traits, to be sure, but they’re mostly held under different umbrellas within the alternative world.

The Monks of Mellonwah’s lead single “Never Been Good” starts with a haunting keyboard intro which rolls nicely into lead singer Vikram Kaushik’s solid vocals.

To me it’s a song that feels like a holdover from the early 2000s, but with the added benefit of the time between then and now to get refined into a type of jam that today’s audiences can appreciate.

The parts of the album I keep returning to feature the trippy loops and the soft peaks in the vocals, which in a way sees a band doing something that not many others are doing as well these days.

The full EP drops in August, and in the meantime “Never Been Good” continues to scorch the charts in both Australia and elsewhere across the world. Check these guys out.

You can find more of Monks of Mellonwah on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

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