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Vile Display of Humanity unleashes an impressive batch of thrash metal on new album

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Right off the bat, the Seattle thrash metal band Vile Display of Humanity, which recently transplanted from Chicago, sounds a bit like if the Offspring went back and re-interpreted early Metallica’s albums such as “Kill ‘Em All,” or “Ride the Lightning.”
That being said, however, it might take you several songs to get used to Vile Display of Humanity’s lead singer, Doug Mitchell.
At first, he sounded like he was a 15 year old thrashing out to some heavy-ass music. Listen to a few songs, though, and it does grow on you, especially if you’re a fan of speed thrash punk.
That’s the thing, though, with this album, the instrumentation is much better than the vocals, although there’s nothing really wrong with them. I just happen to prefer vocals that sound more throaty or more baritone, especially when it comes to metal songs in particular.


On their self-titled album, VDOH has 20 pretty solid tracks, something that’s quite impressive to hear. It’s no-holds barred and controlled madness. Each of the parts — the drums, the guitars, the bass and, yes, even the vocals, play an equal part in it’s creation, it seems. If I were to find anything to critique it’s that some of the tracks tend to blend together too much, although several, such as “Feed” or “Sunday Morning” do separate themselves some.
My favorite moments on the album come when the band plays several eerie spoken-word vocals intermixed between the music. These were the moments I heard Metallica’s influence coming through. Think of the start of the song “One” and that’s the level of dynamics at play on songs such as “Time to Die.”
The energy these guys exude on this album also cannot be overstated. They’re putting it all out there and that’s sure to translate to their live shows, undoubtedly. It’s high-octane and heavy, which is exactly what you want in a good metal album.
Even if the vocals aren’t for you, and that, to me, is the only part I’m less-than-thrilled with, you can find something to enjoy when it comes to Vile Display of Humanity.
For more on the band, check them out on Facebook, BandCamp andYouTube.

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