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Sean ‘Sugar’ O’Malley signs professional contract with ICF

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Sean O'Malley, left, holds his new pro contract he signed with Cory Smith and 221 Industries on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Cory Smith
Sean O’Malley, left, holds his new pro contract he signed with Cory Smith and 221 Industries on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Cory Smith

Cory Smith, CEO of 221 Industries, this week announced that after his latest amateur win, Sean “Sugar” O’Malley, 19, as the next fighter signed to a professional contract with Intense Championship Fighting.

Smith announced that O’Malley will have a three-fight pro contract and that his first pro fight will be in February.

O’Malley defeated Brandon Caldwell last Friday in the second round at ICF 16, in what will be his final amateur match. It was his fifth win in a row. He’s won at least eight matches, with his last loss coming against Myles Mazurkiewicz.

O’Malley said in an exclusive interview with Big Sky State Buzz that he doesn’t see too much changing for him now that he’s a professional.

“I go back to Arizona on Sunday and keep training like I have been,” he said. “This next fight will be just another fight but because it’s a pro fight, it’ll be 5 minute instead of three minute rounds and I can throw elbows and knees to the head. But, I’m going back to the MMA Lab and keep training like I have been and then come back and beat another dude up.”

O’Malley said while it feels good to earn the distinction of being a paid professional fighter, he’s got his eyes on the next, bigger goal.

“You know everyone is saying ‘Wow, you made it!’ and it’s cool and everything that I turned pro, but it’s just a short-term goal for me right now,” he said. “My long term goal is still to be in the UFC and be the best fighter in the UFC,” He said. “I’ve got a ton of years ahead of me to make that happen and it’s the same repetition, Monday through Sunday with doing everything the same and keep on improving.”

O’Malley said he’s found 221 Industries to be an awesome partner in helping his career take off and said he’s excited to continue working with Smith and the rest of the outfit.

“It’s been a huge advantage having someone like (Smith and 221 Industries) be that support system behind me,” he said. “Plus you’ve got all the people in Great Falls, Helena and really all of the state of Montana. But, for sure, Cory’s been a huge help. I can’t thank him enough.”

While Smith hasn’t found an opponent for O’Malley just yet, if the past similar journeys made by pro fighters from Montana is any indication, it could be two or three fights before O’Malley faces his first true test as a pro. However, after he beat his last five amateur foes, all bets are off as to what he can do next.

He may indeed be ready to go into his first match against a difficult challenge.

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