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221 Industries sells ICF mixed martial arts to Fusion Fight League

Smith says they will still hold other events such as concerts, monster truck shows in Great Falls

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Cory Smith, CEO of 221 Industries announced this week that 221 has sold the ownership rights to the Intense Championship Fighting promotion to Fusion Fight League, based out of Billings.

Smith said that ICF will remain in Great Falls and Fusion will still be presenting MMA to audiences in Northcentral Montana for years to come.

“I want to thank everyone for the awesome past seven years, firstly,” Smith said. “I know 221 is excited to move on from ICF and pursue other ventures. My board of directors/investors and I all thought it was a perfect deal to go forward with. We were the first to get a TV deal in Montana, we did an all pro card, we did an all female card, we did an international card so we accomplished a lot, and I’m excited to see the brand go to a great company like Fusion because I know it’ll continue to grow and expand.”

Cory Smith, CEO of 221 Industries
Cory Smith, CEO of 221 Industries

Smith said he owes a ton of gratitude to 221 Industries supporters who have continued to allow them to bring top-quality fights to Great Falls, something he expects will continue with Fusion in charge. He said while they’re stepping away from ICF, 221 Industries will still be involved in the community in other avenues.

“Thank you to the sponsors that hung on with us, the fans that continued to follow us, and the state of Montana for keeping us going,” he said. “221 Industries will continue to provide entertainment in other avenues like motocross, concerts, monster trucks, etc.”

Smith also said he’ll be helping Fusion as a consultant helping them promote shows. He said he’s excited to be able to enjoy MMA fights in Great Falls in a different capacity.

“I’m ready to become a fan again! I’ll be staying involved as a consultant for Fusion, keeping my foot in the door to provide avenues for them, and I am really excited for this change and relieved to be able to concentrate on other things. I have no regrets. The people I have met and the friendships I’ve made in these 40 some shows is beyond priceless and I’m blessed to have had this opportunity.”

For his part, Bracken said that Fusion is thrilled beyond comparison to have the opportunity to give Great Falls the same high level of fights that they’ve done in Billings.

Terrill Bracken, CEO of Fusion Fight League
Terrill Bracken, CEO of Fusion Fight League

“We are very excited to combine the best of the ICF and Fusion Fight League and expand into an area with such great MMA energy,” he said. “Great Falls has always had some of the state’s best fight fans and currently hosts one of the strongest fight teams with Evolution/Wolfpack.”

He said Fusion’s goal is to expand upon the draw 221 has created and make ICF into “THE biggest and best MMA promotion in the Pacific Northwest.”

“Cory Smith and the ICF took Montana MMA to the next level and played a huge role in giving Montana superstars such as Leo Bercier, Tim Welch and Sean O’Malley a stage on which to perform that got them noticed on a national level. We are prepared to bring ICF even more to the forefront of MMA.”

One immediate change will see Fusion featuring ICF on SWX Right Now, which covers a million households throughout Montana, Idaho and Washington. Leo’s Last Stand will air on the network starting next week.
Bracken has had an involvement with ICF for quite a while already. He’s worked as a fight referee quite often, and he produced ICF 27, better known as Leo Bercier’s retirement fight on April 8.
Smith said while he’s had offers from other companies, he knew that Fusion was the right company to sell to at the end of the day.
“This just made sense,” he said. “(Fusion) will continue along the direction we had dreamed of for the ICF and we all know that Fusion will do it right.”
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