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The Hooten Hallers come in peace to melt faces with The Helligans

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The Hooten Hallers come to Great Falls in peace tomorrow night.
The Hooten Hallers come to Great Falls in peace tomorrow night.

The truth is still out there and tomorrow night the blues/rockabilly band the Hooten Hallers will come to Machinery Row to find it using their unique brand of music, with or without the help of agents Mulder and Scully.

This fact-finding, face-melting, toe-tapping, head-bobbing mission gets started with a set from local favorites The Helligans at 9 p.m.

The Hooten Hallers, according to their official online bio, describe themselves as, “likely a lost group of time-traveling extraterrestrials from places unknown to humanity. Some say they come from a planet where rock n’ roll isn’t dead, where blues are still played with soul. Others say they’re masked reptilian humanoids from deep within the earth. One fact shines through, however – their powerful live shows and recordings must be witnessed to be believed.”

To those who prefer to identify them by their terrestrial names, they are known as John Randall on guitar and vocals, Andy Rehm on drums and vocals, Paul Weber on Harmonica/tuba and vocals and Kellie Everett on bari/bass saxophone.

They claim to be from Missouri, although every alien life form claims to be from there it seems.

The band was last seen in Great Falls last September, and witnesses say that they remember it being something of an anomaly and that the force was strong in the Electric City that day.

It’s a force that must be seen to be believed.

For example, Randall likens his guitar playing to “gun-slinging” and he describes his humanoid voice as a mix between, “John Lee Hooker and a howler monkey.”

The Helligans might be bastards, but they're pretty rockin' nonetheless.
The Helligans might be bastards, but they’re pretty rockin’ nonetheless.

Rehm, meanwhile, can appear more alien than human, thanks mostly to his unique stand-up drumming style, which he says, “often resembles a man trying to beat a two-headed wolf to death, while at the same time channeling the ghost of Minnie Ripperton to provide vocal harmony.”

Weber, who calls himself a “wandering musical alchemist” has the ability to “rescue ancient instruments from other ages and literally breath new life into them.”

So, they’ve got that going for them and will likely showcase that skill prominently tomorrow.

Finally Everett at first seemed to be a bit of an enigma cloaked in a question mark, mostly because there was little about her found by using the painstakingly preposterous search named Google.

Thy tomb of YouTube turned up a clue, however, and it was since discovered by our crack team of online archaeologists that she was once a part of the Doctor Gone Records band Deadly Lo-Fi and has played with such illustrious bands as the Dirt Daubers and the Loot Rock Gang. Her phone of saxes carries a great measure of ability that will only quicken the melting of faces.

If you’re still on the fence about this identifiable unidentified non-flying non-object named the Hooten Hallers, know that I too was once in your shoes.

But, upon visiting the Nation of Reverb, which you can visit below, all doubts were removed. Feel free to peruse it upon your leisure, and while you’re there also check out the rocking Nation of Reverb of the amazingly talented Helligans as well.


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