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Rapper Nosight to release experimental album for free on Friday

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As if creating a hip hop album wasn’t difficult enough, Great Falls rapper Nosight just finished one using a $20 microphone, a $20 MIDI Controller and he did it all in just under 20 hours.

Nosight aka Tyson Habein.
Nosight aka Tyson Habein

Nosight’s 20-minute album “Bite and Run,” drops Friday for free on Bandcamp.com.

Nosight, aka Tyson Habein, said in an interview on Thursday that he approached the album as a challenge, or to see if it was something he could do, rather than a project which he attempted to reach a specific audience.

“There’s a few tracks that are pretty hip hoppy and then there’s some spoken-word stuff and then stuff I don’t have any vocals on whatsoever,” Habein said. “I think the whole thing coming out of this is that I’m now way better at writing rap verses just because of the amount of stuff I was quickly writing and tossing, writing and tossing. I considered myself pretty skilled at writing rap verses before, but in terms of staccato rhyme structures, it helped to improve my stuff hugely.”

Habein said if he had to choose any break-out pieces, he said he’d pick the instrumental titled “Clang” and the spoken word piece titled “Seven Years On.”

The album release coincides with the second Avant Garden, which Habein organized to take place at Machinery Row on Friday night starting at 9:30.

While Habein said he’s undecided if he will perform any of the live vocals, he said he will be DJing several of the instrumental tracks during the evening.

“I’ve got a 20-minute DJ set followed by a 2-hour DJ set at the end of the night which will be totally different from the first,” he said. “At the end of the night I’ll be doing a set of 80s New Wave and Motown, which should be equally as weird as my album cuts but in a different way so that’ll be a fun bit.”

Habein said Rough Love, aka Tyler Valley, will be performing Friday evening as well along with a set from Lord Kirkus, who Habein said has been working on a bevy of new material himself. Rough Love also helped master “Bite and Run.”

“Rough Love I know has some new stuff that includes some spoken-word stuff from me, but I haven’t even heard it yet,” he said. “He seems pretty excited about it, and then Lord Kirkus will do a set, and it’s been a while since we’ve performed with him but he’s been doing a bunch of new stuff and he always brings it, too.”

Habein said the reason he’s not sure if he’ll play any of the tracks is in part because of the vocal effects he used with those tracks.

“It’ll probably be that day where I decide if I’m going to actually do any vocals live,” he said. “It might be interesting to do some live vocals over the top of some of the stuff, but the other ones I’ve put lots of effects to such a degree that I’d need some effect pedals to make it work, but that said, it wouldn’t necessarily mean I couldn’t do vocals simply without the effects because I’ve done that before. ”

If he did do any live vocals, Habein said he’d likely do his short track titled “Party with Depressed Kids.”

“I might do the one that’s like under 2 minutes just because it’s amusing to me,” he said. “Pretty much the entire song is me going ‘We only party with depressed kids because all of these artists are depressive,’ which is over the top of like moany, orgasmy punk rock style tracks. It’s really, really ridiculous.”

Habein added that while he wouldn’t consider this album anything that’s among his top works he’s ever done but said he tends to have that attitude toward much of his work.

“To a certain degree with most of my art, after I create it I’m kind of done with it,” he said. “Certain items from the album might stay in the rotation with other performance sets, but I don’t know that everything on the album will ever get performed again. If for some odd reason a ton of people really like the album maybe I’ll perform more of it just because I’m a sucker for empty praise and never let it be said that I don’t like to please a crowd. But, I’m picturing it being kind of a thing I put out there that’s interesting in it’s own right but I don’t honestly expect it to go anywhere terribly far.”

Below is some of the stuff that didn’t quite make the album.

For more information on Nosight, visit his Facebook page here.

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