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Oscar-nominated filmmaker/musician Doug Wendt offering new class at UGF

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cinemagic_04-16-14-page-001Oscar-nominated filmmaker, musician, and local radio producer Doug Wendt recently announced that he will instruct a new film course for the University of Great Falls Art Department this fall.

The course is titled “Movies and Your Mind.”  Wendt describes it as “a compelling and fascinating look at amazing films, both American and foreign, and the art of persuasion.” It’s a 15-week, three credit course.

Classes are to be held every Tuesday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. from Aug 26 through Dec. 9 at UGF.  Both classes are held in the Art Building on the University of Great Falls campus.

It joins Professor Wendt’s mini-film history class he’s been teaching locally for over 10 years now currently entitled  “Watching Art – CineMagic” Wednesdays from 6 to 9 p.m. starting Aug. 27.

A person can take any or all of its three five-week, one credit sessions: 

  1. 1880s to 1930s Birth & Flight (Aug. 27-Sept. 24)
  2. 1930s-1970s Orbit & Discovery (Oct. 1-Nov. 5)
  3. 1970s to 2010s Dazzled & Digitized (Nov. 12-Dec. 10)

Additionally, the courses are available free of charge to all UGF graduates.

According to a news release, “Movies and Your Mind,” “explores the role of cinema as fact, propaganda, and enigma with several enlightening films and discussions on the most influential art form’s ability to affect and reflect society from film’s inception through public relations, advertising, and marketing as they moved from motivational research to behavior modification and beyond. Both courses intend to help folks better navigate the modern world and its media.”

Wendt said people can learn, “how recording the moving image began as little reality shows but soon morphed into magic, comedy, drama shown in movie palaces that became huge financial successes and grew into many styles in a powerful worldwide art form that encompasses all other arts.”

“And today, screens are everywhere. In these intriguing sessions, students will watch and respond to several great films,” Wendt said. “Major technical innovations will be covered as well as how public relations, propaganda, politics and censorship influence the media of film’s growth. Much like how alphabets are essential to oral and written expression, moving images developed many nonverbal ways to communicate, constructed upon basic building blocks that is important to understand and appreciate,”

To register online visit www.ugf.edu and sign up for “Movies & Your Mind” under Art 292 A  Special Topic and for “Watching Art – CineMagic” under Art 230 A, B, and/or C.

Or, call UGF Registrar Kerri Kotesky at 406-791-5207.

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