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Myles Mazurkiewicz to face Spokane’s Ryan Mulvihill

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Another match-up is set for 221 Industries’ ICF 15, Cory Smith announced today, with the talented young fighter Myles Mazurkiewicz taking on  Ryan Mulvihill of Spokane.

Mulhvill is coming off a loss in Guam against Yusuke Yachi last month. Before that he defeated Frank Ramsay with a perplexing submission game that Smith said caused Frank some problems.

“Frank dominated on his feet, but then Mulvihill went to the ground where he is at home,” Smith said.

He also added that Mazurkiewicz should be a good match-up for Mulvihill because he’s got that wrestling background.

“Myles is a 4-time All-American so I’m interested to see what happens on the ground,” he said. “(Even though) as a promoter and a fan I want to see them stand.”

Smith said some talk he’s hearing already about Mazurkiewicz indicates that if he beats Mulvihill, it could give him a huge boost to his career.

“That’s why Myles wants this so bad,” Smith said. “A win over ‘The Mongoose’ will slingshot him into the upper deck is what I’m being told by the west coast chatter.”

Smith added that while the Welch-Weathers match is the headliner, he fully expects this fight to be one of the best on the card.

“(It’s) possibly the biggest ‘boom’ ever in ICF history,” he said. “Myles is an animal and wants the best to fight and after Mulvihill beat Frank Ramsey in April, Myles came to me and said ‘I want next,'” Smith said. “And Mulvihill is coming off a loss in Guam and a big win down in Hawaii along with Ramsey’s win so he is ready to go to war. I’m so stoked.”

Here’s a video showing some of Myles’ highlights in his match against Sean O’Malley.

And, here’s a clip of Mulvihill’s bout vs. Zach Dickson, courtesy of FightForce Mixed Martial Arts.


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