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Analysis: Who should Tim Welch fight at ICF 15?

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cupcake 1
Lloyd “Cupcake” Woodard
Tim Welch 1
Tim “Cheapshot” Welch

With news that 221 Industries will welcome back Tim Welch to Great Falls for ICF 15, we here at Big Sky State Buzz can’t help but wonder who Cheapshot will face.

(And yes, that’s his nickname, I wasn’t insulting Mr. Welch. He’s incredible.)

If you look at his recent fights, since March 2012 Welch is 2-2, having beaten Eric Regan and Chris Ensley, while falling to Derek Campos and Michail Tsarev, both televised Bellator bouts.

Who in the MMA world might be a good match-up for Welch?

Personally, I think seeing him fight “The Gargoyle” Derek Boyle would be a bit like the Mountain facing the Viper in “Game of Thrones.”

Especially considering Boyle has beaten Welch the only two times they have faced, so Welch would be  primed to kick some butt.

Or, what are the chances that Derek “The Stallion” Campos would be up for a rematch with Welch, this time on Welch’s home turf of Great Falls?

These might be pure fantasy, considering Campos is still a part of Bellator, although so was Welch and 221 Industries somehow was able to snag him for another fight.

It’s also worth noting that Campos’ last fight ended in a technical knockout to Patricky Freire in April.

I would be HIGHLY surprised if Cory Smith of 221 Industries was able to get Campos to fly down to Great Falls to face Welch again, especially since they just fought earlier this year on national TV, but the whole point of this column is to come up with a few fantasy matches.

Keeping things closer to home, who might you like see Welch face out of Montana?

From a match-up standpoint, imagine this one for a minute.

Cheapshot vs. Cupcake.

That’s right. Lloyd Woodard of Missoula taking on Great Falls’ Tim Welch. Who wouldn’t want to see that matchup, especially if you’re a fan of Montana MMA and finally settle this question once and for all, “What town has the best fighter in Montana, Missoula or Great Falls?”

Would it ever happen? I can’t say for sure, but it’d be a hell of a fight, you could count on that!

We should find out soon who Welch will be facing, but until then we can only envision what could be and if there’s a real shot for it to happen or not. Please keep in mind that this is all speculation and I do not have any say over who will fight who.

I’m sure whoever Tim faces, it’ll be a great match and he’ll put on a professional show. And maybe one of these days one of these proposed fights in this very column will happen again and ya’ll can look back at it after it does. Or not. That’s the beauty of the sport it seems — almost anything can happen, within reason, and oftentimes does.

And, indeed, Mr. Smith said that Welch and Woodard would never fight, saying “They are brothers. Not even a chance.”

If they ever did, though, you can’t help wonder who might win. 😉


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