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Zombies walk through Black Eagle on Saturday

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Zombie babe 1Zombies fill the streets of Black Eagle on Saturday starting at 1 p.m. during the Zombie Walk presented by Act Normal.

The walk begins at the Black Eagle Park and will proceed down the walking path next to Smelter Ave. to the Black Eagle Post Office. It should finish around 3:30.

Proceeds benefit Easter Seals/Goodwill and the Great Falls Food Bank. Admission is $5 and an can of food. The event is open to anyone.

Keern Haslem, organizer of the walk, said the idea started after his chat with Troy Mellinger with STAR Radio regarding Act Normal’s upcoming production of “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.”

“So I went over to STAR Radio to do a commercial for ‘How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’ at the 3D and Troy asked, ‘What are you guys doing here, one of those Zombie Walks?'” Haslem said. “So I saw these on an episode of ‘Walking Dead’ and I saw people using them as fundraisers, like instead of running a 5K for somebody or something like that, you do a zombie walk and everyone pays to take part and I thoguht, well, not only would that make for a good fundraiser, but also would be a good time with Halloween coming up to get all the zombies out and promote the show.”

Haslem said upon paying $5, they will give people basic zombie costumes to wear and help apply zombie makeup to people’s faces, as well.

“Starting at 1 we’ll do makeup and costumes and if a large group of people show up, they might just have to do with the clothes they have on and act like zombies with a little makeup, but we figure it’ll probably take probably an hour and a half to get everybody organized and made up like zombies,” Haslem said.

Haslem added that if anyone wants to bring their own zombie costumes and/or makeup, they are welcome to do that, as well.

“We provide a basic costume, but if someone wants to step it up and impress us by applying their own skills, that’s cool too,” he said.

Haslem said they’re planning to film the walk, as well, with either KRTV or an independent camera crew shooting the scene as it happens.

“We’ll be editing together a little something to put on YouTube, and we’re thinking KRTV may have someone available to come down to film it to help us find the best camera angle for filming the whole deal, because we’re not quite sure where they can be or what the best angle for filming the whole ordeal is yet,” he said.

Additionally, Haslem added that there will be several actors intermingled with the crowd who will be performing a short scene involving zombie mob leaders, a woman in distress and a zombie hero.

“We’ve formulated a story, so the people on the overpass not only get to see the zombie walk, they’ll see like a non-zombie villain trying to escape the zombies, so they’ll get a little show on the built-in stage on the foot bridge,” he said.

Haslem said his hope is that the walk will lead to some interesting reactions from onlookers in the area.

“Well the whole event and the key sequence of events leads to whole showdown on the foot bridge,” he said. “It’ll be cool, and anybody at the stoplight might be like ‘Oh wait, I don’t want to go anywhere, what’s happening?’ he said. “They will see whole thing unfold, and really we want to stop traffic, and I want people to, you know, either be stopping there or circle around into Black Eagle to check out what’s going on.”

Finally, people who stick around to the end of the walk will receive a hot dog lunch with a bag of chips.

For more information, call 916-798-4479 or check out the event’s Facebook page.


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