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Video: Ye excellent Hell City Kitty performs sounds called rock music captured in video form

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Hell City Kitty performs Saturday at the Back Alley Pub.
Hell City Kitty seen here rocking ye faces of thy lucky villagers.

Hear ye, Hear ye and gather around fellow music lovers for a tale about rock and about roll and  the hell one man went through to share his bounty of said power with the world.

On a day not so long ago, September the 20th of the year Two-thousand and fourteen at about 10:30 o’clock Mountain Standard Time, the jolly rock band, self-described as Hell City Kitty, performed sounds on their instruments that the villagers might describe as rock music. And it was good and the crowd rejoiced. Our hero also rejoiced and danced all evening.

But, upon hearing such pleasurable sounds coming from the mouths and hands of Cale and Mandy Younce along with Casey Hunter and Mike Chasse, our hero decided he would attempt to keep the memory of his experience on his personal recording device which he held in his pocket at that very moment.

But, a storm was brewing that very night. A storm not outside, nor even in the bar, but inside the hero himself, for he had little knowledge on how to fend off the evil demons possessing his personal recording device.

He first noticed the pictures inside his device were coming upside down, and that he later forgot to stop it from recording even after he had put it back into the pocket of his casual khakis.

After returning home from his quest, however, he spoke to the magic wizard named Edidahrr from the land of Onlinia and asked Mr. Edidahrr if he could transform the file on his device into something which the village might find satisfaction from.

The wizard took the device into his house in the land of Onlinia and toiled away for much time trying to evaporate the demons from the corrupted device in which our hero possessed.

At first Sir Edidahrr was flummoxed at what our hero had done to this device for it was broken in ways he had not ever seen before.

However, after a fortnight and a half of tinkering, the wizard named Edidahrr from the land of Olinia emerged from his magical house with this, which you can see below. Enjoy. :-p

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