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The Unravelling releases first single ‘Revolt’ after lead singer overcomes cancer

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The Unravelling 5If you found out you had cancer tomorrow, how would you react? Would you admit defeat, or would you fight back?

For Steve Moore, lead singer of the Calgary-based metal band The Unravelling (sic), he did all he could to fight back and kick cancer’s ass.

Moore and his musical partner Gus de Beauville in 2011 took time off to let Moore start his long road to recovery.

Now cancer free, Moore and de Beauville are back with their new single “Revolt.”

The new single bursts out of the gates with heavy distortion on top of a haunting snare drum, followed by the eerie vocals of lead singer Steve Moore, who recently returned to music after a four-year hiatus as he recovered from cancer.

The pace is slow and methodical and every sound coming from the song is layered to perfection.

With lyrics such as “See a strawman burning
Black smoke is crying foul
But the convincing beast will prowl
Youth feeds on itself like the mantis bride
Poised for endless future with the baby inside,” You can’t help but get chills down your spine as Moore delivers them like a sieve.

When you hear The Unravelling play, it’s hard to believe that it’s just a two-man effort, Moore providing vocals and Gustavo de Beauville on everything else. De Beauville also wrote and produced the track.

In an interview with ReviewFix.com, Moore explains how the lyrics came to be, saying,

“As far as the lyrical story, it deals with a lot of metaphor, but it’s very much about rejecting the physical and waking up. No more daydreaming. If you open your eyes and it’s “cold, hard ground at the bottom. The altar fruit is rotten”, then so be it. Then you can let go of your self-imposed crutches and move from there. The Queen leaving the hive is the ego. The end of the song is an awakening, an inner revolt. So the song, to me, is quite positive, although it has a heavy sound.”

If you’re looking for some haunting music that gives you that extra ass-kicking essence, check these guys out. The only thing that’s missing here is a big guitar solo, which would have easily put this track over the top even more.

Moore said in the same interview that he and de Beauville plan on releasing more singles and one or two full-length albums in the near future.

Give these guys a listen, especially if you’re a fan of the genre. You’ll be glad you did.

Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp online.

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