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The Furious Seasons strike nearly all the right chords on ‘My Love Is Strong’

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FuriousSeasonsMyLoveIsStrong(2)With summertime just around the corner, people in the northern hemisphere will be spending more time gathered around campfires until odd hours of the night.

Listening to The Furious Seasons’ new album “My Love Is Strong,” you can’t help but feel like you’re sitting in a lawn chair gathered around a bonfire with a cold drink in one hand and a hot dog in the other while listening to an authentic slice of Americana play out nearby.

The album kicks off with a joyous romp featuring upbeat lyrics and a faint hint of organs behind catchy drums and a smooth bass line.

You’ll spend the first few minutes deciding whether or not you’ve heard these guys before. They sound a little like Tom Petty, a little like Elvis Costello, a little like Bob Dylan, all the while being their own band.

Dylan’s influence perhaps is most evident on “Summer Rain,” which sounds like it could have been taken from his massive catalog. It’s all the brainchild of David Steinhart, however.

Steinhart has written and recorded music since the 1980s. He’s recorded more than 20 albums and also founded his own record label Stonegarden Records, which has published more than 50 albums over the years. Before Furious Seasons, he was in the bands Pop Art and Smart Brown Handbag. Furious Seasons started officially making music in 2008.

As a result, their new album, “My Love Is Strong,” shows an experienced band showing off their ability to  create catchy melodies and folk-driven arrangements.

Joining Steinhart in the group are his brother Jeff on bass, his nephew Nate on guitar, Bob Gannon on drums and Eric Martin on keyboards.

Perhaps the only downside to this album comes with the song “Full Disclosure.”

It’s not that it’s a bad song, necessarily, but it’s style isn’t like anything else on the album. It’s more ska than Americana with the infusion of trumpets in the background.

If one were to listen to that song before any others, they might expect the rest of the album to have similar ska-type songs instead of what the album does have on it.

My favorite tracks have to be “My Love Is Strong,” which I’ve found myself singing to myself in the shower and in the car, and “Fooled By the Bottle,” which makes me want to dance alone at home in my underwear.

Definitely check these guys out. You’ll be glad you did.

You can find more from The Furious Seasons on Facebook, Twitter and BandCamp.

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