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Surprise your date with a trip to see Electric City Cabaret at the Do Bar

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Guys/gals, if you want to  impress your date this weekend, one of the best ways is by incorporating the art of surprise.

A surprise that leaves your date a little shocked,  but most importantly, playfully laughing throughout the evening.

Where might you find something that has all of those elements, especially on such short notice, you might be wondering?

10857163_1572902722923509_6008952934720488063_oThe Do Bar presents two performances from the Electric City Cabaret packed with biting humor, catchy songs and several songs that get the crowd involved in the action happening on stage.

The  shows take place Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., with the doors opening at 7 each evening.

Electric City Cabaret is Sarah Raines, Ryan Hurley, Wendy Glatzer, David Otey and Lindsey Nussbaum.

In an interview with Big Sky State Buzz, Raines and Hurley said people can expect a lot of material on relationships in all of their various incarnations. While there’s a few songs the group has performed before in the act, much of the material is brand new.

“Love is a theme that many genres can fit into and we do all kinds music even though we keep brining it back to the idea of relationships,” Raines said.

“It’s very reminiscent of Valentine’s Day, for sure,” Hurley added.

Without spoiling any of the surprises, some of the songs include 80s music, jokes about what it’s like being in a long relationship, what it’s like being in a not-so-long relationship, and there’s even one song about sex with multiple partners.

Raines said of the two, the earlier show is a bit more tame than the later one, although she said both of them are definitely adult themed.

“The later show will have more cocktails and we took that one a little further, made it a little more edgy and added a little more adult humor, too,” she said.

Most of the music comes from Nussbaum on piano and the others singing, although this time out there’s a bit more experimenting with different instruments, too.

“I guess this will be our debut with incorporating new instruments,” Raines said. “Some people might have seen us using the accordion in the past, but we’ve also got a song where her Wendy’s on the tambourine, I’m on the piano and David’s playing bongos, and Lindsey is on the ukulele, so that should be fun to see how that one works in front of audiences, as well.”

Electric City Cabaret on Valentine’s Day performed for MAT-Havre. Raines said after a successful first visit, they’re beyond thrilled to start what they hope is a long, successful relationship.

“We (didn’t) really know what the audience will be like but we know the company by it’s reputation as a great theater with a lot of consistent audiences,” she said.


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