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‘Scars & Wounds’ by Andy The Crocodile is a solid EP from a confident indie artist

Andy's Debut EP seven years in the making drops on June 8

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I love music that opens my mind to something new.

That’s particularly why after listening to the “Scars & Wounds EP,” from Andy The Crocodile, I found a lot to love because it provided me several new experiences that I could never have ever anticipated.

For one, I had never heard a rock album from an artist from India, let alone one that’s filled with a badass confidence in his sound that’s evident from start to finish. But, more than that, before listening to this EP, I also never have heard a musician mix 1940s jazz and 70s-style rock with pop stylings baked in for good measure, too. If it sounds difficult to fathom, you really just have to hear it for yourself to best understand why or how it works.

The best song on the EP, The Whammy Girl, keeps closer to the Led Zeppelin-inspired tone than it does any other genres. The guitar solo feels like it lasts much longer than it actually does in all the right ways and in fact I wouldn’t have cared if it lasted another 10 minutes.

Andy flexes his pop muscles on the opening track “Hope” that’s a song about striving to work toward your dreams and not being afraid to take a risk for something that you, well, hope, to achieve.

Andy’s personal story is perhaps just as interesting as his music, too.

According to his official bio info, Andy the Crocodile’s artistic journey began in Chennai, India, where he started taking private lessons in western classical piano and Carnatic singing lessons with his grandfather and renowned vocalist Rajkumar Bharathi. He explains that the “crocodile” in his name came from a moment of self realization.

He claims he struggled to execute a guitar solo when recording “The Whammy Girl,” but after his friend lent him a thicker pick emblazoned with the Dunlop alligator, which Andy mistook for a crocodile, this revelation compelled him to adopt the reptile as his name.

He also claims that, like the crocodile, he is “a cold-blooded composer, producer, and performer, ready to bring his unique blend of indie, rock, jazz, and folk music to the world.”

If you didn’t think there were any rock artists from India, you’d be mistaken as there are more than a few who have made a name for themselves in their home country. Bands such as Soulmate, Microtone or
Shaa’ir and Func, among others.

Andy the Crocodile may be from India, but listening to him if you didn’t know that about him, you wouldn’t say “oh, that’s ‘Indian’ music. He’s an independent musician with a real talent and it’s apparent that he’s got a passion for what he does. His debut EP, seven years in the making, drops on June 8.

Check out more from Andy the Crocodile on his Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube Channel pages.

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