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Riff Raff to perform at the Wilma this weekend. Are you ready for insanity?

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riff raff 1Riff Raff plays in Montana this weekend. What the hell? Really?

This Saturday at the Wilma Theater in Missoula, the controversial, yet wildly popular rapper performs a solo set where he will be surely “Tip Toeing with his Jawdins.”

The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25.

So, right now you’re either laughing at the thought of seeing Riff Raff here in Montana, or you’re asking yourself ‘Who is this guy anyway?’

If you’re unaware of him, I’ll put it this way — Picture what might happen if Tila Tequila hopped into a time machine and had a baby with a young Muhammad Ali. That’d be Riff Raff, sort of.

He’s brilliant like his hypothetical dad in that he knows how to create massive hype about himself. Yet unlike Ali, the greatest of all time, he has a noticeable lack of talent in his given field. But he’d also take after his hypothetical mom too, because, well, just check out this link.

Riff Raff, real name Horst Christian Simco, is a white rapper from Houston, Texas, who was at one time associated with Soulja Boy’s S.O.D. Money Gang Inc’s imprint, but now is signed to the Mad Descent Record Label.

His first step into public consciousness came from MTV’s reality show “From G’s to Gents.” He then became an internet celebrity that became a festival of the absurd on all different social media platforms. Most of his songs were collaborations and co-signs from Lil B, Lil Debbie, and Soulja Boy, among others.

Riff Raff also is a bit of a idiot-savant philosopher.

A Tumblr page called “Your Daily Riff Raff Quote” highlights some of his best utterances such as

“They don’t know I’m half dinosaur I come from ancient lands so I have a little more intelligence.”

or, “I speak a half cents into a transition you’ve never heard before.”

or “I got up at 5 a.m. to chase a Versace tornado.”

or, my personal favorite, “I’m in your mamma’s basement building shit like MacGyver.”

Riff Raff’s first studio album, “Neon Icon,” dropped last June to mixed reviews. He has plans for another album later this year titled “Peach Panther.”

Now you might think he’s not a serious rapper. Any rational person could not look at him without thinking he’s some kind of joke, right?

Riff Raff 2

However, his massive following is no joke.

His songs have received millions of hits on such online hotspots as YouTube and Spotify. The track, “Dolce and Gabanna” has 9.5 million views on YouTube. Somehow.

The question, it would seem, that he’s been able to avoid answering to this point is if he’s onto the joke himself.

In 2013, Rolling Stone printed an article titled “Riff Raff Takes Trolling to an Art Form in New York.”

It states, “The experience of listening to a Riff Raff song is one spent retracing his steps only to find the keys in his pocket. Some have tried to give explanation to his character, calling him a misunderstood genius or even autistic; there are also questions of whether it’s all a joke, and the possibility that he’s in on the joke. Basically, Riff Raff is a character study in trolling, unless he’s not at all.”

In reviewing his album last year, Pitchfork commented on Riff Raff’s influence and if he’s mocking black culture, which they dismissed. The review states,

“Riff Raff’s primary influence … isn’t a stereotypical Southerner, but an influential yet obscure talent. The notion that Riff Raff is simply making fun of black culture falls away—as do the fans for whom that is his primary appeal. This would require recognition from listeners and the press that our fascination with Riff Raff was based on a false premise in the first place. And at that point, the bland truth of his art’s consequence is revealed: he’s just another marginal talent benefiting from an unsung artist’s innovations.”

Adding to the Riff Raff hype machine in 2012 was the movie “Spring Breakers,” starring James Franco. Franco’s character, which you can see in this video below, is clearly inspired by Riff Raff in some format. Once the movie was released, Franco denied that his character was Riff Raff, but by that point it was too late and the connection had already been established in the public, and Riff Raff himself.

But, back to the point of what it means to have Riff Raff in Montana, that’s hard to say. His star has clearly dimmed a bit since 2012, but it’s a bit of a shock nonetheless.

His show surely has sold plenty of tickets already, but what about him exactly appeals to people still? Is going to a Riff Raff show a punchline in itself, or is it something beyond that? Is it simply an artist, serious or not, tapping into a market he’s yet to mine?

Are you going to see Riff Raff? Would you go see him? Do you think he’s a joke? Leave us a comment below.

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