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Review: Maria Kerrigan’s ‘Sand Dollars on the Bottom’ a cheerful beach caper

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Maria Kerrigan, as some of you might know, used to perform in theater shows in Great Falls several years back.

I’ve done several interviews with her over the years, and I’ll always remember the time I first saw her in the MAT-Great Falls production of “No Sex Please, We’re British,” with the always-delightful Glen Weeks, the talented and manly Wallace Bossie and the on-point director Ed Moran.

Full disclosure, I also went on to act in the University of Great Falls production of “Chicago,” alongside Ms. Kerrigan. I wouldn’t say I starred in it because let’s be honest here, she was the star of every show she played in around here, and I was just a lowly ensemble cast member who got to sing and act silly around the rest of the talented cast and crew.

So, anyhow, fast forward to today and Ms. Kerrigan’s new YouTube video “Sand Dollars on the Bottom.”

From her new album “From Here to Home,” “Sand Dollars on the Bottom,” is a new original song and video and seeing as she used to live here in Montana before moving to Florida, we’re going to take a look and see if it’s any good.

Firstly, the video looks stunning. I couldn’t help but yearn for the beach and the sunshine pictured in the video, especially considering us Montanans don’t often get to enjoy the beach that often unless we travel to it. Including the underwater bits was a nice touch as it might look simple to do, but it can be a tricky feat to do well.

As for the song, it sounds a bit echoey right off the bat. The quality improves a bit as the song goes on, but right from the start you’re a little taken aback by it.

Next, Kerrigan’s vocal peaks could use some adjusting also as they’re ever-so-slightly out of tune. By the time the chorus hits in, though, if you’re still watching you’re now invested to watch until the end. Plus, the chorus is quite catchy. The scat singing at the end of the chorus sounds lovely, too.

In the end, while the vocal issues might jump out at you, it doesn’t take away from the amount of fun you’ll have watching this video. The chemistry Kerrigan and her real-life husband David Haupt display, next to the glowing sunsets, the beautiful beaches and the wide open underwater scenes make this video a worthy bit of entertainment to take in.


If you haven’t seen it, here’s Maria performing “Let it Go,” which she recorded a few years back.


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