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Planned Parenthood welcomes community to see new mural next week

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Planned Parenthood Great Falls unveils it’s new mural next week at a free outdoor reception.

The “Care No Matter What: An Art and Education Project” unveiling celebration goes down Wednesday, June 10 at 7 p.m, at the Planned Parenthood offices located at 211 9th St. S.

Tyler Valley works on a mural outside Planned Parenthood Great Falls. A reception unveiling the final product takes place next Wednesday.
Tyler Valley and Bailey Durnell work on a mural outside Planned Parenthood Great Falls. A reception unveiling the final product takes place next Wednesday.

The event will feature appetizers, an art exhibit with high school and community artists and live music from Rough Love.

The mural project began in earnest two weeks ago by Bailey Durnell, a senior at Great Falls High School and member of the Planned Parenthood Teen Council along with Tyler Valley, a local artist and musician.

Durnell said she relished at the chance to help get the community involved with an art project involving students.

“The students were just amazing. They picked it up and starting painting right away,” she said. “It wasn’t your typical high-school behavior, either. They came and had motivation to get it done. It was really neat to see everyone be really into it. Plus, having Tyler there was great, too.”

Durnell said being able to watch and learn from Valley helped her pick up things much quicker than she would have otherwise, as well as Jules Shindel, community organizer with Planned Parenthood.

“He’s so creative and like, I had no idea how to paint murals so he was essential,” she said. “Plus, Jules is the best person ever so I would say Jules has made this whole project that much more special for me.”

Valley said he did a few things different on this project than other ones he’s done before in that he took more time to plan what it would look like before starting it due to the size and the fact that there were more people involved this time around.

“I don’t usually have a very detailed design before I do most murals, maybe the only other one would be the one at the underpass but that was something I was commissioned to do so I had very little choice for the size and shape of things,” he said. “But this one, with the scale and the fact we wanted to have some symbolic stuff behind it, we had to work with the design a little more in advance.”

Valley said he going in to this project didn’t consider himself to be a mural teacher, but he’s enjoyed sharing his knowledge with the students.

“I didn’t know I’d be doing it that all that much, but it’s fine and I’m happy with it,” he said. “So far I’ve had the students doing color blocks and what not. They like the design and are enthusiastic about it so that’s cool.

PP mural 2Durnell said more than anything this mural stands as a symbol for cooperation and what people can achieve when they’re willing to work together.

“I think the biggest message with this mural isn’t the piece itself but what went into it’s creation,” she said. “It’s such a collaborative message – this was a community group effort and now we have this beautiful thing. We wanted it to be really positive and a bond between the community and Planned Parenthood.”

Not only was Valley instrumental behind creating the mural, he will be performing some of his new music at the reception next week.

He said it’s music from his new EP that he hasn’t played out in public much yet so he’s amped to see how people respond.

“I haven’t played this stuff for a lot of people yet, but I think they’re good songs. It’s a good EP,” he said. “There’s movements in it, as opposed to one style of stuff arraigned to be emotionally standing for the same thing.”

For more information on the reception, visit the Planned Parenthood Facebook page here.


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