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Peter Senior’s ‘The Christmas Tree’ is a catchy holiday romp from start to finish

Proceeds from original Christmas song go to help Australian farmers

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When it comes to modern artists who make the decision to record Christmas songs, more often than not they’ll re-record one of the classic Tin-Pan Alley tracks — and with good reason as they’re among the most beloved holiday songs. Plus, everyone who celebrates the holiday knows and remembers them by heart.

What isn’t as common, however, is to write and record a beautiful Christmas song from scratch. One that will stand the test of time and become just as loved as “White Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.”

While many have tried, few have succeeded. Sydney-based singer/songwriter Peter Senior, however, has done just that with his new song “The Christmas Tree.”

With its gigantic chorus, vivid descriptive verses and over-filled amount of holiday cheer filled to the brim from start to finish, it’s a song that holds its own with any other holiday song that’s ever been conceived.

Peter Senior 1He even answers the question that every seven-year-old who lives in a house without a chimney has asked their parents — “How does Santa get into our house?” (Spoiler — it’s magic!)

Senior’s retro feel makes you yearn to sit next to the fire, sip on a cup of nog and take in the moment at home with your family as the memories come flooding back to you of your favorite Christmases of yore.

Along with recording a catchy tune, Senior is also donating proceeds made from the song to farmers in Australia get through the drought they’re currently struggling with this summer. (It’s currently in the middle of the warmest season below the equator, after all.)

Coming from a musical family, Senior’s early life involved, “singing around pianos, and performing in local musicals,” according to his official bio.  Peter has had a passion for music his entire life.

His love of performing on the piano accelerated in his teenage years at high school functions, which led him to perform regular gigs with groups around the greater Sydney area, eventually leading to international and live TV appearances.

Some of his early musical influences include the Beatles, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond and The Temptations. He’s also inspired by current Australian artists like Matt Corby and Gotye.

In addition to “The Christmas Tree,” he recently recorded his first solo album titled “On the Edge,” which you can preview here.

Senior is now focusing on performance and promotion to showcase new material, and also forming his own record label, Mandalong Records, which he hopes to bring other artists he has in his sight, into his fold.

You can find more on Senior on his website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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