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‘Nothing’s Wrong’ from Canadian songstress Elza feels like a thunderstorm of emotion

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Listening to “Nothing’s Wrong,” the new album from Canadian singer/songwriter Eliza, the feeling I kept circling back to was one you feel when you’re at home late at night watching a thunderstorm blanket your neighborhood.

There are other feelings, too, that are just as hauntingly melancholy but, if you’re like me anyhow, you’ll find yourself returning to that moment more than a few times throughout this memorable 10-track release.

Elza’s sound is of the same vein as Alanis Morisette, Florence Welch or Ani DiFranco’s. The vocal variety from one song to the next will have you replaying the album multiple times as you’ll likely hear something you might’ve missed the previous listen. She also has shades of Maynard James Keenan from Tool on several of her songs.

The album’s title track, in particular, has that while at the same time is dripping with a cinematic feel — meaning it’s just the type of song you’d hear paired with an emotional moment in a television drama or movie.

The production value adds to this feeling, and it’s definitely the best song on the album. There are at least three layers of instrumentation on the track that all weaves together like a quilt made from personal experience of love and loss.

Elza’s got worldly talent, which makes sense considering that she was born in Russia, moved to Israel when she was 15 and later made her way to Vancouver in 2011. She’s said that her guitar and vocal inspirations included Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Beth Gibbons and Anneke van Giersbergen.

Elza's 'Nothing's Wrong' came out last month.
Elza’s ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ came out last month.

She released her debut five-song EP “Glories” in 2014, which was both well-liked among critics and fans as her songs began receiving significant airplay on local stations around the Vancouver area.

With “Nothing’s Wrong,” the next step for Elza seems to be to take her style onto a national stage. Called at one point, “The Lorde of Vancouver,” these days Elza has again found a new home in Toronto, where she’s already making a name for herself.

There’s a few skippable tracks on “Nothing’s Wrong,” and some of the lyrics won’t wow you as much as her musical and vocal prowess will, but, overall there’s a lot to love on this album. Beyond the title track, I really enjoyed the dark energy of “Swayed,” and “Room,” which textures itself as an alternative ballad with lush strings, keys and guitar effects.

For more, you can check out Elza on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram.

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