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‘Navigate’ by Erich Mrak has potential but needs a few more instrumental pieces

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Sometimes a great track comes from pieces of other tracks. “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, for instance, came about from several recycled bits from other tracks each of the band members had created earlier. Stevie Nicks wrote a vision for the lyrics before the music was written, while Lindsay Buckingham recycled the introduction from an earlier duet with Nicks titled “Lola (My Love.)”

Now, Erich Mrak’s latest track “Navigate” might not sound anything like Fleetwood Mac, there’s something to be said about their creation method and Mrak’s.

When Buckingham and Nicks created “Lola (My Love),” they didn’t have any idea that they’d end up using bits of it for a later legendary track. It was a song that stood on its own until they came back to it.

On “Navigate,” Mrak, a Toronto native, has pieces that could end up becoming a legendary song, even if it’s not quite there yet.

The vocals feel the most complete on “Navigate” both the lyrics and the construction of the melody, which burrows into your consciousness and finds a way to radiate out moments after hearing them.

But, what would really make this song capture your inner being and, as Bruce Springsteen once said, “grab you by your throat and insist that you take that ride, insist that you pay attention” is more of an instrumental element that matches the tone of the vocals.

There is a backing electronica feel to the song, which helps steer the ship, but, it still feels a tad incomplete.

As for the vision of the single, Mrak explains that “Navigate” is, “a song addressing the anxiety associated with never truly knowing what prompts another individual to make decisions.”

It’s the first of six singles being released for the next six months and make up the to-be-titled EP accompanied by a live “off-the-floor” rendition of each track.

Mrak uses that experimental spirit with this track and both he and Bento, his in-house producer, also a Toronto native, show off impressively with the rhythmic pulse and the auto-tune flavor that leaves you feeling reflective immediately after listening to it.

“Navigate” is one of six singles being released each month for the next six months. The singles make up a currently untitled EP, accompanied by a live off-the-floor rendition of each song (released at the end of each month after the studio version).

One of the advantages of recording a track such as this one is that there’s multiple different directions you can take it next. If Mrak wants to take it in a bluegrass direction, he can, or if he wants to make it have a metal edge to it, the tracks have been laid in either direction, it’s a matter of experimenting with which works best — one of the best parts of being a recording artist is that you get to make those decisions and more. It’s both a thrill and a stressful dynamic.

With shades of both Post Malone or Mac Miller, Erich Mrak has some real potential to make this song to be a memorable hit that’s heard worldwide because it’s got the right parts in place to do so. We’ll have to see what comes next with both this single and the rest of the EP as the year progresses.

You can check out each of the songs as they become available on Mrak’s website, www.erichmrakmusic.com. Also be sure to check his YouTube page at, www.youtube.com/ErichMrakMusic, Facebook www.facebook.com/ErichMrakMusic and Twitter twitter.com/ErichMrakMusic accounts.

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