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Minor flaws aside, Crooked Flower’s ‘Into the Light’ has a lot to love on it

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The band Crooked Flower likely puts on an amazing live show. They’ve got a talented, sexy lead singer in Angelina Dang and a strong core of musicians around her in guitarist Dan Ingberman, bassist Daniel Erik and drummer Patrick Shields.

Their songs have a political bite to them that you don’t often hear from similar indie bands, also. Even though they describe their vibe saying, “…this isn’t Rage Against the Machine and the agenda ain’t that heavy, man. It’s funky, sexy, and a hell of a good time.”

Listening to the lyrics on “Freedom” and “Search Warrant Blues,” though, and you can tell they’re a bit more political than they let onto in the official bio for their latest album “Into the Light.”

But while Crooked Flower likely is a must-see live band, their studio work on several tracks could be a bit better. While some of the tracks, such as “Own World” and “10 Million Seeds” are well done, several of the other tracks sound as if they were recorded in a wind tunnel.

The instruments sound muddied, and the vocals are missing a certain clarity that a real fan is going to want to hear. Perhaps it was a stylistic choice they made consciously, but, in my view it distracts from the talent the band clearly possesses.

My other main beef with the album is that I wasn’t quite sure if they were being sarcastic or serious on the song “Freedom” when Dang sings “Thank God for the Government, taking care of me.” It’s a strange sentiment for a band to sing, especially these days, but, maybe that’s the point of it all.

With those small issues out of the way, there is a lot to like about Crooked Flower. The guitars on “10 Million Seeds” sounds reminiscent of a cross between a Bob Marley track and a Jane’s Addiction song. It’s funky, and leaves an impact as it gets stuck in your head after listening to it for the third time in a row.

On “Own World” meanwhile, they open with some pianos and a funky guitar riff that leads into Dang’s sultry voice perfectly. She’s got that “IT” factor that many attempt to find but only a few possess. She shows off her vocal range and doesn’t let anything back while singing “Up in my oh oh oh oh oh oh own world.”

Crooked Flower is one of those bands that you’ll likely be hearing about in the future when they hit the national scene with their pure musical talent on full display.

Check these guys out, particularly if you’re a fan of such bands as the Cure, Pretenders, Grateful Dead, Clash, No Doubt, and The Velvet Underground.

For more from Crooked Flower, check out their Website, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube Channel, Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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