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Lil’ T-shirt’s new song leaves you before you’re ready to see it go

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It might be at least three months until summertime, but for the Swedish hip hop artist Lil T-Shirt, it’s never too early to start thinking of the warmest time of year.

His new song and music video strikes at something we in Montana know all too well — it gives you a great taste and leaves before you’re ready to see it leave. It also presents a unique problem — while the song is a touch TOO bland, the video is way more interesting than one might expect.

According to the official release, “Summer is the dark ending to a love story – a young woman drives her lover out to the countryside to have him killed by her friends. We don’t know why, if he knows what’s about to happen, if he goes willingly or not, or what has happened between them. We will never know.”

By the end of the song, that intrigue bites hard. You want to know who are these women? What did he do to them? Why are they celebrating his demise?

To be more clear, there’s nothing wrong with the song. It’s an auto-tuned chorus that could use more verses if anything. But, the video’s nexus strikes at a bigger picture that one could see extended into a bigger story. Perhaps that’s what makes this video so compelling, however. Those unanswered questions.

Directed by filmmaker Ottilia Wahl, she said that her “…inspiration for the film is the Scandinavian melancholy that the very short summers provide before we return back to the darkness. The film takes place in dreamy beautiful landscapes where everything should be peaceful and happy, but something feels unsettling.”

According to his official bio, Lil T-shirt, “was raised in the Hardcore and punk music scene. But in secret he developed a unique style of slow and emotional R&B pop, experimenting with a fractured blend of samples, minimal R&B, auto-tune and soundscapes.”

The danger with that minimal style is that it can leave you wanting more. At two minutes and two minutes and forty-five seconds, “Summer” leaves one hoping for more at the end. Which, all things considered, isn’t the worst feeling to be leaving you.

You can find more on Lil T-Shirt on his Website, Facebook page, Instagram, Soundcloud,Spotify and Youtube Channel.

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