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‘Liars, Freaks & Fools’ is a rare modern rock n’ roll record with no filler

Album drops on May 11 worldwide

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Rock n’ Roll is dead. Long Live Rock n’ Roll.

These days it seems that in order to put out a rock album, you need to pair each song with a complementary genre such as hip hop or folk or jazz or classical even. If you don’t do that, you need to possess some kind of distinguishable hook that clearly ties the music to one particular era.

Modern rock that’s created without anything else propping it up but pure musical goodness seems to be evaporating in front of our very eyes.

It’s this reason why I’m giddy to hear Australian rocker Ivan Beecroft’s new album “Liars, Freaks & Fools.” It’s rock n’ roll made for the modern era and it doesn’t give a fuck what you think about it.

It’s also riff-heavy, no-nonsense music. Each track has a distinct feel, a catchy chorus, and Beecroft exhibits confidence in the process that’s evident from start to finish.

Songs such as “Shame on You” or “A4” keep the lyrical content light, while others such as “Inequality” or “Shattered Dreams” get a bit deeper. Beecroft expresses an earnest passion on all of the tracks, although, that you rarely hear anymore.

The nexus of that feeling likely is at least partly fueled by Beecroft’s personal story. While toiling away as a steelworker, Beecroft says he “was often appalled by the blatantly unsafe conditions” he and his colleagues were working under. He claims that “the memory of a workmate screaming in pain after having his hand caught in a faulty machine is just one memory” that has led to his using music as a “form of solace.”

He addresses his experiences turning to music for relief directly with the song “Miss You,” which was inspired by the death of his father and dedicated to his mother and sister.

While Beecroft calls his music “1990s retro” I question that classification. There’s songs that borrow themes from the 90s, but, then you have songs like “The Gypsy Joker” or “Rock This Night Away” which are 80’s tunes that bring with them modern, 21st century sensibilities. After listening to it, you won’t tell yourself “yeah, this is clearly a 90s throwback” or an 80s throwback. It’s a product of its time that also leans on some parts of the past concurrently.

Not only did Beecroft write each song and perform many of the instruments, he also recorded, mixed, mastered and produced them. Each of those aspects are done magnificently, as the sound is clear, the levels are well balanced and the mixing gives each aspect room to be heard without getting lost in the shuffle.

The fact that this is an indie record with no label backing is surprising considering the quality of work on display here. Each aspect meshes well with the others and it makes my job as a reviewer trying to find something to criticize difficult. It’s certainly not a perfect record, but it’s a very well-done piece of music that anyone listening to should be excited to hear, especially if you’re a fan of such bands as Soundgarden, The Doors, or The Church.

“Liars, Freaks & Fools” comes out on May 11. You can look up more on Beecroft on his Website, and his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube Channel pages.

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