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Kimia Penton exhibits her many musical talents on ‘Lessons from Life and Love’

Album mixes jazz, pop, classical and soul genres for an explosive overall sound

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Calling Kimia Penton talented is an understatement if there ever was one.

This singer/songwriter/violinist born in the Middle East, raised in London and now living in Dallas, also is an accredited psychologist, earning her Masters degree from the University of London.

On her new LP, “Lessons from Life and Love,” she mixes a variety of genres together such as pop, jazz, soul, bluegrass and classical. She’s said some of her biggest musical influences include Farid Farjad, Norah Jones, Gershwin, Bach, The Beatles, Carole King, Sade, Eric Clapton, Diana Krall and Alison Krauss.

Her music has a depth to it that’s not often found in today’s landscape. The opening track, “The Door,” exhibits her beautiful sense of melody coupled with a mellow piano and drums. In a recent interview, she’s said that these songs are both personal and touch on common themes everyone can relate to.

“We can all understand feelings of first love, heartbreak, joy, loss, grief, anger, which are all part of the human existence.  This album is about embracing these experiences and persevering despite our disappointments,” she said.

Another highlight on the album is her cover of Emeli Sands’ “My Kind of Love.” Her inclusion of the violin breathes new life into the song while retaining the same level of catchiness in the chorus. Penton’s vocals, while a bit more subdued than Sande’s version, it’s a solid interpretation.

That’s the thing with Penton, she’s more of an overall musician than a breakout singer who relies solely on her voice.

Her vocal ability is good, but Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston she’s not. It might be unfair to compare her to those well-known divas, but it’s worth pointing out that if you’re looking for a raw singer, and a raw singer alone, you won’t find that here with Penton.

What you’ll find is a rich mixture of instruments, vocals and songwriting put together in a tight 6-song package. There’s not one track that’s worth skipping, and they do what a good LP should. They whet your appetite and leave you wanting more.

For more on Penton, check her out on Facebook.

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Kimia Penton performs richly textured songs about love, life and heartache on her 6-track LP "Lessons from Life and Love."
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Penton's songwriting shines through on each track, as does her sense of melody, her violin playing and the catchy rhythms on each track.


She doesn't rely solely on immense vocal ability in the way someone like Mariah Carey might, which might disappoint some, but there's enough musical expertise at play that it doesn't feel like she has to.
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