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Keez defies limitations of genre expectations on new album ‘Water Creatures’

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Yes, Keez sounds a bit like Jamiroquai mixed with 311 and Daft Punk.

Once you start seeing past those comparison, though, you start to hear the real complexity and genius behind Keez’s new album “Water Creatures.”

If you must try to explain what he sounds like, you could start with one part Reggae, add one part R&B, sprinkle in some hip hop and pour some pop on top for good measure. Or, more simply put, Keez takes labels and blows them up into a thousand little pieces on this album.

The first track “Motorcycle” hardly sounds like the second “Wake Up Calm,” which sounds nothing like the third track “Killed4Profit,” and so on.

It’s a frantic listen at times, but none of the tracks are boring, to be sure. I tend to enjoy Keez, real name Brad Jones, the most when he gets down with the funk, especially on the track “The Game,” which could’ve been the soundtrack to a 1970s “Shaft” film. It also has a modern feel to it as well aided in part by the solid synthesizers, however.

While it’s too late for a “Shaft” tie-in, Hollywood has already taken notice of Keez as he’s  provided music for trailers of several movies including “Ant-Man” and “The Neighbors.” This Bend, Ore., native has toured recently with Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and Kottonmouth Kings, as well.

Cover ArtBefore branching off on his own, Jones was a member of the popular Oregon band Floor Ride, playing the keyboards, writing, and handling lead vocals. He played with them from 1996 to 2001. During this period they were voted Central Oregon’s top band three years in a row and Jones was awarded top musician twice.

“Water Creatures” has an impressive 17 tracks that ebb and flow like the tide of the Pacific Ocean on a windy September day. Many of the tracks will have you up on your feet dancing, while others will leave you in a contemplative, quiet mood.

And while the sheer diversity of sounds might be hard to swallow for some, you can’t say that they aren’t anything bun fun, well-produced songs individually, even if some are more enjoyable than others.

Keez’s star is only starting to rise. He’s a man on a mission to provide musical art to the masses, and if that’s not a good reason to check him out, I’m not sure what else to say to you.

Check out Keez on Facebook, ReverbNation and CD Baby.

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Keez's new album "Water Creatures" features a frantic mixture of song types, from R&B to pop to hip hop to funk and reggae.
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Each track sounds almost nothing like the next but is uniquely interesting. The beats are pulsating and danceable, the lyrics excite and entertain and the synthesizer sounds add to the textured instrumentals nicely.


If you're looking for an album with one type of sound, this isn't the one for you. It might come off a little too varied at times, but all of the tracks on their own have plenty of things to like about them, regardless.
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