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Heather Gruber hits the positive notes well on ‘Dance Into the Desert’

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You might not recognize Heather Gruber’s name, but once you hear her, you’ll know just the kind of sound you’re getting. Which, depending on what you’re seeking, can be a double-edged sword.

“Dance Into the Desert,” Gruber’s debut album, drops a collection of uplifting, positive songs that’ll have you thinking of daisies and gumdrops while tapping your toes as the sugary pop trickles out ever so meticulously.

Gruber has been compared to Colbie Callait, Sara Bareilles or Regina Spektor. The sole songwriter on the album, Gruber has described it saying it “chronicles the transitions of a woman chasing her dreams, finding herself, and feeling her way through the dark with every forward step.”

The album’s produced well, and is a polished and clean piece of work. That said, many of the songs do tend to blend together, which likely comes from the similar chord progressions on each track.

Heather Gruber 2If what you hear right from the start grabs you, you’ll likely love the whole album. If you’re looking for something that separates itself from the formula, though, you may not find exactly what you’re seeking.

Considering, though, that this is Gruber’s debut album, perhaps expecting to find a genre-expanding sound is setting the bar higher than it needs to be. Sometimes all you need is a pick-me-up, or a “joy grenade of hope” as Gruber describes her album.

With all of the pain and suffering we’re faced with these days, listening to feel-good music is a welcome concept that the world of pop can never have too much of, all things considered.

My personal favorite tracks include “What’s So Good About Being Young,” and “Beauty Outside the Lines.”

Check out more from Gruber online here. You can find her on Soundcloud and Spotify, too.

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