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Great Falls hip hop artist King Mook releases new music video

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Great Falls-area hip hop artist King Mook recently released a new video for the track “The King” produced by Andy Southon’s “Answers From the Void Productions” video production company.

King Mook
King Mook

The video features King Mook rapping while another man is preparing for a fight. The man is seen going on a jog and working out at Access Fitness, where he does a mixture of kickboxing, sparring and wrestling.

Mook’s song covers what it’s like being part of a corrupt system, be it government or societal and how despite these challenges, he still has faith in a bigger plan for himself.

About midway through the video, it’s revealed that the man is fighting King Mook himself, who proceeds to knock him out.

After fading out, a different type of track starts playing, this time with the scene set inside a club.

King Mook is a rapper who came to Great Falls by way of Chicago. In addition to performing and shooting his latest video, last year he hosted the second “Flaming Mic” competition at the Do Bar.

In an interview with a Korean radio station, King Mook explained that his rap name came from his mother, who used to call him “Mook” when he was growing up.

Check out the rest of his songs below, and visit his Facebook page online here.


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