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Five Dark Time Sunshine songs that you need to hear today

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dark time sunshineThe hip hop duo Dark Time Sunshine comes to Great Falls next Monday for an Electric City Creative show combined with the return of the Magnificent Seven.

If you’re a fan of smart, high-quality hip hop that break the mold of what one might expect from a hip hop show, you’ll love Dark Time Sunshine.

If you’ve ever listened to Aesop Rock, Atmosphere or Blueprint, you will dig these guys if you haven’t already heard them before.

Dark Time Sunshine is comprised of Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul (Rhymesayers) and producer Zavala.

Onry and Zavala first met and collaborated while working on hip hop artist Sleep’s album “Hesitation Wounds” in 2009.

After that encounter, the two continued their collaborative efforts and began putting together a collection of songs that mixed Onry’s cool-guy persona with Zavala’s innovative production value to create Dark Time Sunshine’s signature sound.

But, words can only explain so much, so instead of blabbing on about these guys, let’s let their music speak for itself as we list our top 5 favorite Dark Time Sunshine songs that we hope they play on Monday at Machinery Row.

5. “Vessel” from their album of the same name.

This song has a crazy beat, some spooky sounding auto-tuned rhymes and a tone that makes it feel like something you’d listen to if you were living in a space station in the near future.

4. “Never Cry Wolf” ft. Reva DeVito from the album “Anx”

We would have rated this song higher, but since this is a list of songs we hope they play on Monday, it’s not likely that Ms. DeVito will be with them, however, it’s a solid track that combines her lovely, whimsical vocals with the passionate rhyming of Mr. Onry.

This is one of those songs that takes multiple listens to really start to discover what it all means and that’s the beauty of a lot of Dark Time Sunshine’s music is that you’re likely to discover something new after the third or fourth listen.

3. “Murder Scene” ft. Awol One from the album “Cornucopia.”

Full disclosure — I’ve had this album on loop in my car for the past two weeks and I tend to crank up the volume every time I hear this song.

The beauty of this song is the way it mocks the whole “hipster” scene by pondering what a group of “hipster” superheroes would sound like with lyrics such as

“We’re so bored with life, we don’t die and everything’s been already said or done twice. I’ve already killed every super villain… I’m responsible for earth’s survival, walking in a daze like a state of denial, I’m a stone reject with ill beer breath, in a smoldering rubble wondering what’s next. This hipster scene is kind of like a murder scene, the unique and creative murder you’ve ever seen.”

If those lyrics don’t spark your interest or curiosity as to what motivates the people behind them, then I don’t know if anything ever will.

2. “Sleestack Payback and All Aboard” from the album “Vessel”

This song, or multiple songs depending on how you choose to look at it as as it appears to split into a whole new track right in the very middle, seems to speak to the negative effects of living the party lifestyle can have on a person over time.

I’ve tried listening to this track multiple times and find some kind of deeper meaning behind the lyrics, but instead of taking a stab at something that may or may not exist, I’ll simply urge you to listen to this song and watch the video and formulate your own opinions on it.

There’s some deep thoughts behind these lyrics, and the reason why they chose to say what they say might never be fully realized by anyone, but it’s interesting to listen to, and the video, in particular, seems to paint a picture to what happens to a girl who drowns in the club scene, quite literally, as you see about midway through the video.

Sometimes as much as we want to find an explanation for what a piece of art means or what a musician is trying to say, there’s nothing we can really grasp onto other than how it makes us feel.

This song gave me the feeling of danger and an eerie sense of calmness after that danger passed, however it’s not a “all is right in the world” type calm but more of the calm that might exist after a nuclear bomb goes off.

And finally, our No. 1 song we hope Dark Time Sunshine plays on Monday at Machinery Row:

1. “Take My Hand” ft. Aesop Rock and Swamburger from the album “Anx.”

This easily is the most well-known Dark Time Sunshine song, and with good reason. It’s got a sick beat, dynamic lyrics and a catchy flow that the words come off the tongues of the lyricists.

This track is one of those songs that works really well on multiple levels. The beat and backing track compliments the lyrics, which also compliments the backing track and beats really well.

And while Aesop Rock is featured on this song, it isn’t really an Aesop Rock type song, meaning that he’s more a bit player of the overall sound and not the main star.

This will be a cool show to attend even if you’re not a fan of hip hop because it’s a real treat to get people who are operating on a higher level than almost anyone else in their given field. Think of it like watching a master painter create a work in front of your eyes, or an extremely talented comedian perform a hilarious set that he’s never tried before right in front of you.

I’m not saying they’re the greatest or most well known rappers ever, but it’s safe to proclaim that they’ve got more talent than 9o percent of rappers performing today.

Having talked to Tyson Habein, the main organizer of this event, he said they’re even better in person because they’re not afraid to experiment with their sound and do things in ways that hardly anyone has ever done before.

So, in conclusion, if you’re looking for something new, different, fresh and fun to go see, check out this show.

Plus, you’re also getting to hear from several other local rhymers such as Rough Love, Lord Kirkus, and Doctorok along with artists Julia Becker, Jen Downs, Wendy Wilkinson, Barbara Otey and Jeremy Paul, who each will finish and sell an original painting by the end of the night, with all proceeds made from the paintings going to the Glacier National Park Conservancy. 

Admission to the show is $5 per person. For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page here.

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