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Finland’s Rock Masters Band lives up to name by producing catchy rock tunes

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mv_rmb_2015_hires3_jimi_haxu_aceThe Finnish group Rock Masters Band deliver rock n’ roll music done right with their two newest singles “Shooting Star” and “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls.”

The two tracks also signal a new direction for the group, as several of it’s original members have moved on to form other bands and share the same spirit of rock that stands as a strong beacon of influence for the Rock Masters Band.

 With a name like Rock Masters Band, the group set the bar high in 2007 before they even played a single note. Luckily for us, they’ve been able to deliver and encompass the spirit of what a rock group should — writing songs that feature catchy choruses, sweeping guitar riffs and pulsating drums. While this band doesn’t have one particular aspect that stands out, the entire package meshes well together to create songs that you’ll find yourself playing over and over again.

On “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls” it hits all the right notes with lyrics such as “Get your kicks while chasing the dream, It’s so good to be back on a wheel, might as well go with the flow, let the rock n’ roll save our souls.” It almost feels like these guys belong to an older era when rock stars could just write rock songs without worrying about if they fit into a particular sub-genre of rock as well. Think of bands like Guns n’ Roses or the Rolling Stones.

The crazy thing about that, though, is the fact that they’re releasing music that’s got more of a blues influence than ever before, too, which perhaps speaks to how similar rock and blues genres can be when put in the right hands.

In the end, with the global reach of the web being what it is today, people in the U.S. should soon be discovering what folks in Finland have known for a while now — these guys rock, and when they do, they rock hard.

Find more from the Rock Masters Band on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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