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Exclusive: The Mister Sisters discuss their upcoming show at Paris Gibson Square

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Castaways 1It’s not every day in a writer’s career that he gets to talk to three drag queens together, but I was lucky enough to get that opportunity last week.

The Mister Sisters, a new collective of drag performers established by Kola Stomey, Lexi Tucker-Dixon and Virgo Fatale, give their first performance in Great Falls as a group on Aug. 29 at Paris Gibson Square. Appropriate beach attire is recommended.

Or, as Stomey said to me, “Speedo is a privilege, NOT a right!”

The show, titled “Castaways: Summer’s a Beach and Then You Fall”, will feature the three main drag stars along with seven other drag queens taking the stage, as well to sing and dance.

Members of the audience will be asked to join the fun in the Wheel of Misfortune portion of the contest, where performers’ names are added to the wheel and then the people who get picked will be asked to lip-sync a pre-picked song by one of the Mister Sisters. The winners will be selected by judges in the audience.

The evening also will feature drink specials and guests are asked to wear appropriate beach attire.

General admission tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. VIP tables, located in front of the stage, are available and sit six people each. People sitting in the VIP section also will have drink runners serving them during the show, also.

For more on the show, visit the event Facebook page here.

The following is a portion of our conversation with Kola, Lexi and Virgo about the show, where the idea for Mister Sisters came from, and which Golden Girl they think they’d be if they were somehow recast for the show, among other things.

Big Sky State Buzz: Thank you all for joining me today. So I want to start with the idea for starting Mister Sisters. Where’d the idea for the name come from and what sparked the idea to create this group of entertainers?

Virgo: Great Falls is a unique location, with a fantastic community! There is a lot of versatility here, and a love of art that really lends itself to the peculiar and performance driven. Great Falls has wanted a group like Mister Sisters for years…whether or not they knew it.

mister sisters 1Kola: Lexi was reminiscing about prom themes for ones she didn’t get to go to.
Lexi: I think we all wanted something to cling on to summer just a little longer with. One last bash so to speak before the long winter sets in. You know, as John Snow says…”Winter is coming.”

BSSB: So, what about the beach party idea appealed to you guys for this first show?

Lexi: As far as the name it wasn’t an easy decision. I think we went through about a four week process of finding fun names that we enjoyed and narrowing them down. To Kola’s dismay the “Smelter Hunnies” didn’t make the final cut.

BSSB: I notice that you’ve got some other performers helping out, too…what kinds of things will we be seeing from everyone?

Kola Stomey
Kola Stomey

Lexi: You’ll be seeing some live performances and lip sync performances as we unleash a few surprises … we are really lucky to have a great group of people in the show and behind the scenes for this one. We even have a great mix of local talent as well as some performers joining us as guests from Missoula.

Virgo: Unfortunately, I am not marooned on the island. I was called away by the sirens’ song of mermen who looked suspiciously a lot like Chris Pratt. Oh wait…did I say “unfortunately”?

Lexi: Well, Jake… Kola, Virgo, myself and the other performers were on this cruise ship for varying reasons when it struck a coral reef and went down quicker than a dirty politician. The performances will be fun reflections and insights as to the performers having been marooned on this island. However, the wonderful Virgo Fatale is somewhere lost at sea and MIA for the show. As she said, she was called off by the sirens. We hope she is well!

Kola: And we could only get off the boat with our talents and whatever we could grab. Kola was last seen with a beach bag and her liquor collection, nothing else.

BSSB: Speaking of attire….what will the other two Mister Sisters be wearing for this one? I know it’s always much anticipated by people who come to the shows.

Kola: Oh, I think I’ve given away too much already!

Lexi: I’ll be wearing some summer things as well as almost every piece of jewelry I was able to save from my ship cabin. As the ship was listing, I had to choose between saving my cabin mate or my trunk of gowns. I threw him my favorite set of falsies and set him afloat. They always brought me luck and hopefully they granted him the same.
My trunk and I made it safely (and fashionably!) to shore.

Virgo: Yeah, Lexi came up out of the ocean like Venus on a seashell.

BSSB: This also will be your first show as the Mister Sisters, what do you hope people take away from the performance?

Lexi Tucker-Dixon
Lexi Tucker-Dixon

Lexi: The thing I think, if I can say for the three of us, is that we really want to put our best out there. This is the Mr. Sister’s Maiden Voyage so to speak and we want people to hear that name and know they are in for a good show. We’re also going to be pulling out some special bells and whistles, especially for our VIP Patrons.

Virgo: Exactly. We want to provide the good folks of Great Falls with quality entertainment, and a show that will blow their socks off.

BSSB: So, will everyone have coiffed hair and stilletoed heels, or some of ya’ll? Is it hard to coif your hair?

Virgo: What is a drag show without big hair and heels, my friends?

Lexi: Exactly. With Aquanet anything is possible. I still have a supply from the late 80′s.

Kola: Stilettos… you mean go-go boots.

BSSB: Sure, those too.

Virgo: Kola, were you able to salvage your signature boots from the ship’s wreckage?

Kola: I didn’t have to because they don’t come off. The world is my go-go table.

BSSB: Well that’s convenient then! So, will this be the only show of its kind, or will there be more castaway type shows…or, will the subsequent shows feature different themes?

Virgo: Yes. There will absolutely be future shows, and we’ve already been discussing future themes. Like Lexi’s shoes, you’ll never see the same thing from the Mister Sisters twice!

Lexi: Well said, Virgo! It’s true. I’m like the Imelda Marcos of drag performers.

Kola: Amelda impression of my face in the sand when I fell over…

Lexi: In all seriousness, the shows will be a great way for people to forget about their day to day woes and just come have fun for a few hours. They can have a few drinks, walk away with some Mister Sister swag if they want and even be front row at the action if they are VIPs.

BSSB: Whenever Lexi and Kola has done a show here in Great Falls, not only are they entertaining, they’re also all about personal empowerment. How does this new set of shows as the Mister Sisters continue that?

Virgo Fatale
Virgo Fatale

Kola: Audiences who go to the shows are going to be exposed to performers who stretch their limits and expectations of what they find attractive and accept as social stereotypes.
Plus, there are going to be men who are up there not just to entertain, but are giving a giant eff you to gender stereotypes, and it’s totally exaggerated!
It at once makes fun of those silly notions of what men do and what women do and makes an invitation to be able to do that.

Kola (cont.): What’s more, it’s neat because we have performers joining us who aren’t even gay. I think half of the lineup is made up of people who lead heteronormative lives outside of drag. Our shows give EVERYONE a permission slip to be whoever they want and are.

Lexi: Here is the thing I like about our shows and the things we have done in the past and will do in the future. I think when you are in an environment where you can laugh and have fun and relax, it makes you more comfortable for people to open up dialogues and learn about other people in ways they might be otherwise hesitant to do.

BSSB: The way I see it, It opens the conversation toward acceptance, like, ‘look here, anyone can do this, and it’s a safe place to express yourself on your own terms.’

Kola: AND those people walk away and tell others about the show they’ve seen, and yes, it opens that conversation.

Virgo: Opening minds and hearts is our social responsibility, but we also want the cash. *laughs*

Lexi: *Laughing* Make it rain baby! For those who have never been, it’s good to bring a few dollar bills to tip the performers since most of them work for tips.

Kola: Especially in an environment like in Central Montana. It’s very important for that kid living in a closet in his non-accepting parents’ home to be able to know that there are folks doing what we’re doing.

BSSB: So, what are you guys looking forward to most with this show?

Lexi: One thing I like about this trio is we all bring something different to the table as far as performance and aesthetic.

Virgo: If we were the Golden Girls. Lol

Lexi: Kola would be Bea Arthur.

Kola: Virgo would be Sophia. Seriously, she’s so seasoned she has Taco Treat signature hot sauce dripping from her bikini. They’re both hometown favorites!

BSSB: Nice one. So, I should ask you guys about the venue. The fashion show at the square seemed to go really well…what about that space works for you guys?

Virgo: I just love it. It’s a gorgeous and unique space! When we created Mister Sisters we wanted something a little more up-scale. The bar scene is fine if you’re old enough to get in there, but we wanted to try something new, something special.

Kola: They get that it’s art and are unequivocally accepting.

Lexi: That reminds me, people who who want to be closer to the action front and center we have VIP tables that seat 6 with a dedicated drink runner to bring you all your libations so you don’t miss anything! And of course, if you’re in the front you’re almost guaranteed some performer engagement, unless it’s with Kola, her insults carry all the way to the back of the room.

BSSB: Well, I think that about wraps it up, thank you again for chatting with me, can’t wait for the show!

Lexi: Thank you Jake. We’re looking forward to it!

Virgo: Yes, thanks for chatting with us!

Kola: Likewise, we appreciate it Jake, thanks a bunch.


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