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Exclusive: Fuck the Facts’ guitarist chats about show at Club Cigar

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Fresh off it’s brand new album “Desire Will Rot,” the Canadian grindcore metal band Fuck the Facts returns to Great Falls tonight for a special show with Swamp Ritual. The show starts at 10 p.m., at Club Cigar.
In an exclusive interview with Big Sky State Buzz, guitarist/composer/recording boss Topon Das talks about the band and how their live shows differ from their recording sessions.

BSSB: Thanks Topon for chatting with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you come back to Great Falls. Do you remember much about the last time you were here?

TD: It wasn’t that long ago, last April or May, I think? And we played this basement venue with a restaurant upstairs. I remember it was a lot of fun, a good environment and and the crowd was a blast as well.

BSSB: Sounds like Machinery Row, maybe?

TD: Yeah, I think that was it. I hear it’s closed now. But, no matter, we’re hoping we get that same kind of vibe at the Club Cigar this time out.

BSSB: That brings me to my next question. How does the crowd energy change the dynamic of the show for you guys, or does it change it much?

Desire Will Rot by Fuck The Facts
TD: Well, you know, it varies from night to night. Some nights are crazier than others, you know, and we’ve been doing this a few years now so we get into a pattern. Granted, not every night is going to be us jumping off walls or stage diving, but some nights that’s fine. We’re happy as long as there’s people up front and enjoying the music in whatever way they want. We’re not going to try to impose a mosh pit when it doesn’t seem like the right situations. Sometimes it’s worse when that happens. One time we had one drunk guy in the crowd pushing everyone away so we had this big open area in front of us. We’d much rather have people up front and being more personable.

BSSB: I’ve heard that you guys do mostly original songs and that almost everyone in the band writes songs. What does that dynamic bring to the band’s repertoire?

TD: I think that’s a huge part of how we function. Not just one member writes all the songs, we really get everyone involved in the writing. Even our drummer joined the band as a guitarist and he writes a fair amount of material on drums and on guitar as well. Plus, we all have different backgrounds and different musical influences, and we’ve been doing this together long enough where we’re starting to influence each other, influence each others’ listening and writing habits.
That makes for a really fun and cool experience and one of the things I enjoy about band. If it were just me, it wouldn’t sound like it does now, and the same for one or other members it’s the collection that makes the sound we have.

BSSB: You mentioned that you do one cover song in your set, but it’s pretty obscure, what can you say about that song?

TD: We did it on a split release back in May and it’s this cover song from this Australian grindcore band called Warsore. It’s pretty obscure so I’m not sure people can tell the difference between that song and some of our other material. In general, though, we do mostly all original material.

BSSB: Now you also have a new record out, “Desire Will Rot.” How do you think you guys work differently in the studio vs. live, or do you pretty much stay the same regardless?

TD: You know for us, it’s two different things. The way we recorded this past album, we have our own studio and do our own recordings in it. It’s very comfortable in that way, and we get to work in our own space, and I love being in the studio and working on music that way, and there are parts about being in the studio I enjoy more than playing live, but you know, playing live really can get very addicting. You get that rush of the crowd and when you’re all playing together, I don’t know, I think that’s one of the big reasons why the band keeps going. We want to get that rush, you know, and it’s really fun and exciting.

BSSB: Do the song structures change when you’re playing them live, or are they close to how they sound on the record?

TD: We try our best to stick as close to the studio version as we can. I mean, sometimes in the studio we might have a little extra stuff we can’t recreate live, like we don’t have that many guitar players, or don’t have as many people playing, but other than that we try to stay true to the song the way it’s recorded. We’re not really a jam-band where there’s sections where we can feed off of each other so it’s very structured and very consistent in the way it gets played.

BSSB: I guess the benefit of doing that is that people who may have never seen you live but have heard your albums will recognize the songs if they do go see you play in person.

TD: Yeah, exactly. And that’s why we play it as tight as we can so people can enjoy it that way and enjoy it when they hear it on the record.

BSSB: Thanks again Topon for chatting with us today. One last question. What kind of effect does crowd energy have on you, or does it effect you when you’re on stage in front of 200 people vs. 10 people?

TD: Well, it can have an effect. I mean when people get rowdy and crazy it is fun, I can’t live I love it and I would love to be playing in front of 200 kids bouncing off the walls every night, but I realize that’s not the reality of what we do, so you know when we go out and play, it doesn’t matter if there’s 200 people or 10, we’re going to play the set as well as possible so we’re going to be happy if we feel we played really well. It’s fun to get that energy from the crowd and not even just the kids bouncing off the walls, we get that same energy from people watching and talking to us after the set to see if people are iinto it. It’s fun ad we’re in a position where we feel lucky that people come to see us and they know the material. At the end of the day, though, we’re focused on playing as best as we can because I know as an audience member, I hate to see bands who are phoning in a show when there’s only a small crowd watching.

For more on Fuck the Facts, visit their website here, also check them on Facebook and Twitter.

For more on tonight’s show, check out the Facebook event page here.


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