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Deister perfects his Radiohead-like sound on ‘Spines of the Heart’ but doesn’t do much else

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Bryan Deister on his new album “Spines of the Heart” finds a way to create a brooding rock sound that will remind you of Kid A/Amnesiac-era Radiohead.

Once you understand that, you can start to hear his music through the prism and appreciate it for what it is. It’s not a BAD Radiohead clone, but it doesn’t really go anywhere too groundbreaking beyond that, either.

Every song on the page in one way or another goes toward sounding like Radiohead and/or Thom Yorke. Maybe you can hear some other influences, but it’s not as clear.

The standout track on the album “Into the Sky” has a catchy blending of harmonies that mixes into the beat and keyboards. It’s a memorable piece of music that you’ll find sticking into your head well after hearing it the first time. Credit must go to Bernie Grundman Mastering for the excellent work in making this track, and the rest of the album, for that matter. Over the years, Grundman and his engineers have earned 14 tech awards and two Grammys. His fingerprints can be felt on this album from start to finish.

Another stand-out track, “Gone” sets a spooky tone early and doesn’t let up. Its darkness and unsettling feeling hits its apex with Deister singing “I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna kill myself in your eyes.”

If I could toss any constructive criticism Deister’s way, I’d suggest that he try expanding his range of influences a bit on the next album. He’s got the Radiohead-like sound down, so let’s hear him try something a little more upbeat, or of a different genre. It would go a long way toward his maturation as an artist and increasing his exposure in the artistic community at the same time.

For more on Deister, find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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