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Chatting with Lexi Tucker-Dixon about the Winter Glitter Ball

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Lexi Tucker-Dixon
Lexi Tucker-Dixon

Two of the biggest stars of the first Open Definitions: LGBTQ and Allies event were undoubtedly the Drag Queens Lexi  Tucker-Dixon and Kola Stomey. The duo missed the last couple of events, but will again be performing on Saturday at the Winter Glitter Ball at Machinery Row.

Tucker-Dixon sat down with us today to answer a few questions about what it’s like for her performing and her thoughts on the LGBT Community in Great Falls

Jake Sorich: Thank you Lexi for taking the time to chat with us today. At the very first event earlier this year, I noticed that the crowd was loving your guys’ performances, in particular.

What are your thoughts about that energy and how people have responded to what you and Kola have been doing in general?

Lexi Tucker-Dixon: Well, the energy from what I saw from the stage and when I was able to mingle with the crowed was really quite wonderful, honestly. You could just tell that people were relaxed and enjoying themselves.

After the show, Kola and I were greeted by so many wonderful people who had nothing but praise and appreciation for the show and what Open Definition was doing. It was so very heart warming.

I specifically remember one girl who told us she had moved here from Portland and an evening like that with our performances made her feel like she was home again. I can’t wait to do it again!

JS: And this time, I hear you’ll also be opening your performances up to people who want to donate to the ACLU too. How did that come about?

LTD: That’s right, you mean the public dance with Kola’s segment!

You know as a community, I feel that any time we can that we should help those who help us. I feel that the ACLU played a very integral part this last year in getting the Marriage Ban struck down and it seemed like a fun way for people to interact with a performer and give back to a cause I feel has given a lot to the LGBTQ community this year.

Also – it makes for one heck of a party story … “So I danced with a Drag Performer last night…”

JS: Indeed! With that, when you see these people at these events and everyone seems so accepting and welcoming and happy, does that give you hope that things are changing, and that our town is becoming more accepting toward the LGBTQ community?

LTD: You know, Jake, it really does. Things are so much different now than they were even when I came out years ago. I think societal change on any topic is usually a slow process, but I think through events like this, groups like Open Definition and the work of each of us as individuals in the community, that it is slowly empowering people to just be themselves and not worry.

Is it 100 percent changed? No, but we are moving forward and any step forward is always a step in the right direction.

JS: Well, thanks again, Lexi. Lastly, I’ve gotta ask — What are you going to be wearing to the ball? You have fans out there who are dying to know, for sure!

LTD: Haha! I hope I do, although I know a LOT of people are #TeamKola. She is quite the character, too.

I’ll be wearing a Gold sequin ball gown and some jewelry created specifically for the performance by Jen Downs of After Hours Studios. For the last number let’s just say that I have something to help people get a little more into the club mood to get them ready for DJ Dregan.

For more information on the Winter Glitter Ball, check out our interview with Tyson Habein here.

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