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Alt-country star Cindy Jollotta’s new single ‘Ghosts’ a personal powerhouse

Her new song debuts worldwide on January 8

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Everyone has a past, and with that past comes regrets, mistakes, and lessons learned.

Cindy Jollotta in her latest single “Ghosts,” set to drop on Jan. 8, laments about past struggles and the pain when they sneak into your future plans.

With the lyrics, “I make a mess of everything I love so I give up,” and “I wish I could get another chance at fixin’ my regrets,” Jollotta speaks to that feeling in an authentic, mesmerizing way.

Jollotta, an LA-based singer/songwriter akin to Neko Case or the Dixie Chicks, uses her powerful voice with a delicate balance to accentuate every word in this seemingly personal song. It takes natural talent to take such a dark subject and balance it out with an uplifting feel. Not only that, but, because she hooks you quickly with the opening verse and satisfying chorus, once the bridge hits you’re wrapped firmly around her finger. She’s got you with her on her journey and it’s one you’ll feel fortunate to have taken. She also employs haunting piano and banjo riffs to paint the dark picture with vibrant musical colors.

Not only did she write and perform the single, she also directed and edited the music video for the song. It was filmed in Ireland on an overcast, rainy day and it depicts Jollotta reflecting on her life in an empty room, where she sits down to play on an old, dusty piano.

Jollotta’s style is what she likes to call “Americana Gothic.” It’s, “dark country meets folk-pop. Dixie Chicks meets My Chemical Romance. She aims to deliver raw emotion with a touch of whimsy in a style that combines dramatic arrangements and playful touches,” according to her official bio.

Before starting her solo career, Jollotta has performed all around the US including places such as the Stagecoach Festival, House of Blues, Los Angeles and San Diego Pride Parades, etc. with her band, The Podunk Poets. She recently kicked off a US solo tour on Dec. 16.

Some of her other recent work includes the music videos “Now You Can Wait,” “Leave Slow” and “Honky-tonk Heroine.” Listening to her catalog, it’s clear that she’s a powerful singer, beautiful lyricist and has the ability to create hooks that don’t let go.

Pre-save “Ghosts” on Spotify, and be sure to check out more from Jollotta on her website, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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