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10 good reasons to advertise with the new Big Sky State Buzz

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Last June, I started Big Sky State Buzz with nothing more than a dream, a vision for it’s success and a rudimentary road map on how to get there.

And now, 16 months later, I’ve seen it take off in a way that I could never have imagined. Last month we redesigned the website thanks to the help of Speaking Socially Media, to be more accessible to mobile phones and tablets while also making it more dynamic to folks who still visit us on their computers. We’ve got some more plans to make the site even better in a way that doesn’t affect the user experience, too, so watch out for that coming in the near future.

What these changes should show is that we’re happy to be where we’re at, but we’re determined to reach greater heights than we could ever have imagined before.

To succeed in the long run, we need the three legs that hold up Big Sky State Buzz to be sturdy, equal and strong.

Right now we’ve built two of those legs that are solid and true, but the third one is still a little bit wobbly, and that needs to change.

Those three legs are

1) A steady core of users who continue to check the content we post on Big Sky State Buzz,

2) A bevy of interesting, original and informative content about the arts and culture scene across the state, and

3) A group of Montana-based advertisers who can help us provide the same level of service while continuing to improve each day.

We’ve already had some awesome advertisers help support Big Sky State Buzz — Speaking Socially Media, The C.M. Russell Museum, the Paris Gibson Square Museum, Miss Linda’s Studio, the Downtown Great Falls Association, and Belles and Lace Bridal.

Their contributions have helped us bridge that gap from the start to reaching the next stage of our development, which we are approaching like a hurricane storming the shores of the internet.

But, in order to do that, we need more help.

brand adHere are 10 compelling reasons why it makes sense for local and area businesses to help us get there.

10) We provide valuable exposure to targeted demographics.

Our readership may never be as big as other, more well-known media organizations, at least not for quite a while. And, if you think about the reasons why, it makes sense. Places such as the Great Falls Tribune or the Lively Times have been doing what they do for much longer than we have.

But, at the same time, our readership has grown every month since we’ve started. Yesterday we had the most site visits ever, 1,124. With more and more people becoming aware of what Big Sky State Buzz is, and what we stand for, we want to share that exposure with like-minded business owners who see a good investment and a chance to not only invest in the future of this site, but the present, as well, as we are well-ahead schedule on many of our key target areas.

9) Our site targets young, forward thinking users

Our analytics up to this point show that 76.4 percent of our users are between the ages of 25 and 44 and 27.5 percent of our viewers are between the ages 0f 18 and 24.

People have come to me asking that I write about what they’ve got going on several times because they know that Big Sky State Buzz will reach the demographic of people who they’re trying to reach with their shows, projects, ideas, whatever.

That same kind of targeted audience is within grasp of advertisers, as well.

Great Falls can be a challenging place to reach young people in, mostly due to the fact that according to the latest census data, we have one of the higher percentage of residents who are 65 and older than many other communities in the state.

And yet, one thing Big Sky State Buzz has done well at thus far is reaching those young people, I’d argue better than any other publication in the area.

We reach young, forward thinking people because I consider myself a young forward thinking person. I’m always looking for room to experiment and go about showcasing the best our community, and our state, has to offer.

Which leads into the next reason why it makes sense to advertise with us

advertising 18) Advertise here and you’ll be associated with content you can’t find anyplace else

When I left the Great Falls Tribune last year, I knew in order to succeed, I would have to find my own voice and separate my style from the way I did things while I was the Hot Ticket reporter.

I feel more and more like I’m doing just that.
While we do cover some of the same things that you’ll see elsewhere, we’re doing it differently. Instead of writing a regular review of “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” that you’ll find anywhere else, we had “Batman” review it.

Instead of covering the US vs. Brazil Intense Cage Fighting MMA, we wrote an article on “The top key Portugese phrases to learn to better communicate with the Brazilians.”

Instead of taking from the press release about how Theresa Caputo was coming to Great Falls, we did an extensive story about why her tickets sold out before they even went on sale to the public, and as a result we were mentioned on news stations across the state from Bozeman to Billings and Kalispell.

The fact of the matter is original content drives traffic. The more original content a site can provide, the more people we will reach. And because we’re independent, the only people we answer to are the folks who we do stories about.

7) While the site is still new, I’ve made lots of connections in the area

A lot of people on average likely are still learning about what Big Sky State Buzz is and what we do. That’s just the reality of starting a new anything. It takes people time to find something, and even longer for them to understand why it’s something that they should include in their daily routine.

However, part of our rapid success is due to the fact that before leaving the Great Falls Tribune I established a lot of contacts in the community, many in the art and entertainment realm.

The first thing I did before I made the decision to leave the newspaper was write as many sources as I could and tell them that while I was changing locations, our that did not mean that our relationship was ending.

In fact, in some cases, our relationships have strengthened because I’m able to pursue more in-depth coverage on topics that the newspaper was afraid to commit to.

What this means to you is that due to these lasting relationships, there will always be new, original content and there will be more and more eyeballs on your potential ad.

And, we’re able to use those connections to our advantage, as well. If one of my contacts has a new sponsorship partner, as was the case with 221 Industries last week signing Pacific Steel and Recycling, we’re able to spread that message and help everyone out by spreading the word about that new partnership.

This unique situation leads into our next reason:

advertising benefits 16) We can do things that no other media source can

One of the best things of not having big corporate overlords to answer to is that we have ultimate control over what goes up on Big Sky State Buzz. If that means native advertising where a business chooses to pay to have their ads built into an article, depending on the subject matter, then so be it. If that means experimenting with how to best reach users with your product, we’re open to that as well.

The only limitation is our imaginations, and the understanding that part of what fuels the success of this site is the trust we’ve built with our core readership. The second we breach that trust, however, is the second that we start losing sight about what we’re about. That’s why we’ve been ever so careful in what kinds of businesses we want advertising with us, and why we’ll never blindly accept any kind of advertising dollar no matter where it comes from.

5) Our rates are competitive enough to best fit your budget

As a small business owner myself, I understand how frugal you have to be with your budget. You can’t drop hundreds and hundreds of dollars in something without first knowing as much about it as you can and if it’ll be a positive investment.

That’s why we’ve ensured that our ad rates are affordable and that we have enough options that make sense for businesses big and small. We want to help you as much as we can, in whatever ways we can that make sense from our end and yours.

We want to be your partner, not someone who you feel like you’re at odds with every day.

4) We’re Montana-based and we always will be

By advertising with Big Sky State Buzz, you’re helping a local, Montana-based business reach financial sustainability at the same time as you are helping your own business grow.

I believe supporting local businesses is the best way for a community to thrive. When I shop, I shop local. That’s why when it comes to advertising, I prefer to deal with people who do business in the same places I do, all across Montana.

So, instead of dropping your advertising budget on big businesses that are based in other parts of the country, you can take comfort in knowing when you advertise with us, 100 percent of your money is staying right here in Montana, and it always will for as long as we’re operating.

3) We’re still hungry for more

Every day gives us new motivation to do things better than they were done the day before. If that means writing more articles, or writing more focused articles, or finding new ways to approach an event, a review, a hot topic, then so be it.

We here at Big Sky State Buzz are not content on reaching a plateau and being happy to be there. We want to grow and grow and grow at the same rate that we want to see you, our potential advertisers keep growing and growing and growing.

We’re young and hungry and we’re ready to reach the top and stay there for as long as we can.

2) We’re not satisfied with the status quo

One phrase I’ll never say until the day I die is, “But that’s how it’s always been done.”

The status quo will never be a convenient excuse for taking the easy way out for us. We want to shake things up, and that’s something we believe our advertisers want as well.

We know who our core audience is, and by and large we can agree that they’re not happy with the status quo, either.

We know we scare the people who are used to the old way, the way how it’s always been done, the way that they’ll never escape for as long as they live, and we relish at the thought.

The old way to reach audiences through traditional media doesn’t work anymore, and it hasn’t for some time.

By advertising with us, you’re choosing to put your money toward something that wants to change things for the better, one article at a time.

1) We love what we do

As you may have noticed, I’ve been mentioning Big Sky State Buzz using the pronoun “we.”

The reason for that is while I’ve done much of the work in getting this business going, there are others involved both directly and indirectly to help get to the point where we are. If it’s web designers, content critics, guest writers, guest photographers, guest videographers, ad sales people, we’re all part of the same team.

And the thing that ties us all together is that we love what we’re doing.

Starting your own business is a massive undertaking, and it’s chances of failing are fairly high. But, at the same time, I’m so much happier and liberated than I’ve ever been before in my life.

I wouldn’t want to be doing nearly anything else except perhaps being a show writer for the Simpsons, my ultimate dream job.

I believe that people who love what they do are much more productive and have an easier time reaching their goals because they don’t see it as a chore, but rather a journey that they loved taking.

So, finally, I’d like to share a quote with you that sums up what being a small business owner who loves what he does is all about.

“Every morning you have two choices — continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

We’ve been chasing ours in earnest for the past 11 months. we would love to have you along for the ride.

Please visit our “Advertise with us” section of this site, or email me at bigskystatebuzz@gmail.com and I can send you our advertising packet with more information on rates and sizes available.

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